Poshina Village is a combination of beauty and tradition located approximately 18 km from the place called Ambaji situated at Sabarkantha district. This village of Poshina takes a person into the world of amazing and fantastic conventional life of village that is occupied by bright and colorful communities of tribal people like pastoral Rabaris, Bhils and Garasias. This place, Poshina is home to all the tribal temples, one can witness magnificent picture of thousand terracotta horses forming a straight line to offer their prayers to their local goddess. All the nearby villages also possess somewhat similar horses trained as reverence to divinity of this goddess. One can get the feel of original tribal culture by giving a chance to visit the shelters of those potters who are responsible for making those striking horses.

In this place, one also comes across Darbargadh Poshina which was once a palace. Currently, this palace is converted into a welcoming heritage hotel. This restaurant carries gigantic gateways, a huge dome, several arches and pillars, a pleasant and calm courtyard, beautiful lawns, gardens and terraces that are managed by the successors of Chalukyas whose territory was wide spread at most of the regions of central India and Gujarat during 12th century. One can also visit the old Shiva shrine and old Jain shrines of Neminath and Parshvanath made from sandstone.

The most popular Chitra-Vichitra fair is hosted at Poshina, besides the Gunbhakhari village, 15 days after Holi.

One can spend an entire day in this palace itself to come across the history of Darbargadh which carries lots of antiquities and rare artifacts of the Maharajas. This palace got several categories of rooms including semi-deluxe, deluxe and suites. A weekend stay or a minimum of one night stay at this palace is very important, if one needs to explore the palace itself including the places around Poshina covering lakes, getting to move closer with the tribal population of mainly Adivasi and Garasias. If weather permits, there will be folk dances performed during evening period without any artificial lights. The only light being torches with the help of flames taking us back to the days of yore. Here one can enjoy fresh home cooked meals including recipes passed on from generation to generation. One can also enjoy the hospitality of the family that ruled the entire Poshina continuously 8 generations before Indian Independence.

How to Get Here

Poshina is near or around Ambaji. Ambaji is situated at Danta Taluka region of Banaskantha district close to Gujarat-Rajasthan border. Bus stand is hardly one kilometer away from this temple which runs through a roofed walkway.

By Road

There are direct bus services from several significant places like Mount Abu which is situated 45 km distance, Palanpur situated at the distance of 65 km and also from Idar and Ahmadabad.

By Air

The closest airport to Poshina temple is in Ahmadabad.

Poshina being the hometown of all the tribal temples carries its own cultural and traditional heritage. No trip will get complete in Gujarat without visiting Poshina Village.

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