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Lothal Archaeological Site

A Sneak Peek into Ancient Gujarat

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has identified Lothal as a city of the Indus Valley Civilization. This city was found in the year 1955 and has provided a lot of information to archaeologists ever since. Situated in the Ahmedabad district of the state of Gujarat, Lothal lies close to Bhavnagar and Rajkot.

This city was found in the year 1955 and excavation works have been ongoing ever since. During this process, archeologists have found a marketplace, a township, a mound and a dock. Most of the collections from this site have been displayed at a museum next to the site. These ancient excavations stand testimony to its connections to the age of Indus valley civilization. Today, Lothal stands on a smaller area that comprises 228 meters from east to west and 285 meters from north to south. Archaeologists say that in the ancient times, when the civilization was at its height, the area of this town could have been larger. This is testified by the fact that some remains have been found at about 300 meters south of the present day town.

Lothal could have been devastated due to frequent floods that the area experienced. Most of the place is in a dilapidated state, possibly because unbaked bricks were used at the time, which were fragile in nature. The site still maintains platforms, drains, wells, baths, dwarfed walls and paved floors. The dock walls were preserved possibly due to the deposition of the loam because of the constant floods the region experienced. Standing high walls are absent, which points to either brick robbery or erosion. The riverbed and the inlet channel of the river are also found to be suppressed and stand receded.

Some other remnants include burnt bricks from the north south sewer, cubical blocks of which were used to make the warehouse. A few peripheral walls, wharf and several houses that were built in the early phase of the civilization can be seen here. Nevertheless these remnants today are in the open and exposed to the sun, sea and rain. They need to be sufficiently protected so that we do not lose them to the nature’s fury.

The excavations also reveal Lothal’s connections with other regions such as Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and some Persian regions. The findings show that the Harappans arrived at this town around 2400 BC. Lothal was a small hamlet before their advent. It was situated on the river bank and an access from the Gulf Of Khambhat was established to the mainland. Beads, gems, precious stones, coppersmith work and the like attracted the Harappans. They were attracted by the rich cotton, sheltered harbor and also the environment it created for rice cultivation. The tradesmen from Harappa settled here and adopted the local lifestyle and learned unique skills in pottery and in making ceramic goods. Evidence of good trade relationship is found here too.

Buildings and Sites Nearby

  • Dholavira: Best known as Kotada locally, this place is home to Harappan remains.
  • Surkotda: View the residential annex and fortified citadel made of mud lumps and mud bricks here. All the structures have good drains and bathrooms.
  • Archeological Museum Lothal: Remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization have been preserved here and more are being added as and when new discoveries are made on the site.

Useful Information

  • Entrance: Rs. 2 per head 
  • Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (Friday Holiday)
  • Location: Ahmedabad

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Lothal Archaeological Site
Lothal Archaeological Site
Lothal Archaeological Site
Lothal Archaeological Site
Lothal Archaeological Site
Lothal Archaeological Site

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