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Kirti Mandir

This is a memorial temple constructed in loving memory of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi. This Mandir is situated at Porbandar, Gujarat. Kirti Mandir was built adjacent to Gandhiji’s ancestral house where he was born on October 2nd 1869. The idea of Kirti Mandir aroused when Gandhiji was released in the year 1944 from the Aga Khan Palace. The complete organization of this project was supervised with utmost care by Porbandar Maharaja Raj Ratna Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta with his wife Maharani Santokbehn Mehta and H.H. Maharana Shri Natavarsinhji. Even before initiating Kirti Mandir, the ancestral house of Gandhi was procured from Gandhi family. The legal document carrying the signature of Gandhiji for the sale of their whole building is displayed in a museum at Kirti Mandir Complex.

History of Kirti Mandir

This attractive and modern structure of Kirti Mandir was initiated in the year 1947 during Gandhiji’s period by Late Shri Darbar Gopaldas Desai. The proud credit of building this wonderful memorial of Gandhiji was taken by renowned industrialist of this era, Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta. Kalidas Mehta initiated the concept of building a memorial to Gandhiji and also donated money to procure Gandhiji’s ancestral house along with the construction of novel Kirti Mandir. By the time, this memorial was completed in 1950, Mahatma Gandhi was not there. Home minister of that time, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel inaugurated this building and opened for public on 27th May 1950. Later, this amazing memorial was taken care by Indian Central Government.

The temple was constructed at height of 79 feet symbolizing the 79 year lifespan of Mahatma Gandhi. This Kirti Mandir monument is a sign of integration of 6 religions, i.e., architectural elements of Buddhist, Hindu, Parsi temple, Jain, Mosque and Christians are wonderfully symbolized at this monument depicting the respect of Mahatma Gandhi towards all religions.

The entire architecture of Kirti Mandir was personally carried out by a local resident Shri Prushottambhai Mistry of Porbandar. He completed the total construction within the stipulated time of 2 years by working personally for nonstop day and night.

Kirti Memorial

The centre area of Kirti Mandir was decorated by full size oil paintings of both Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba. As Gandhiji insisted, there are no flower garlands on their paintings. His auspicious words ‘Non-violence’ and ‘Truth’ depicting his speech and life were kept besides his feet. Towards the right side, there are memorials for Mahadev Desai and Maganlal Gandhi. Towards the left side of the memorial, there is an exhibition of Museum. All these places carry handicraft items, Khadibhandar articles along with books for sale, a reception hall and an office room. There is a library by the name Kasturba-Mahila located at Kirti Mandir.

Thus, this memorial is known to be the best tourist destination of Porbandar. Indian politicians and many international dignitaries visit Kirti Mandir that comprises of both the birthplace and ancestral house of Mahatma Gandhi. The exact birthplace of Gandhi was marked as Swastika for reference.

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Kirti Mandir
Kirti Mandir
Kirti Mandir
Kirti Mandir
Kirti Mandir
Kirti Mandir

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