Brahm Kund

A Place For Miraculous Healing

In Hindu mythology, the Brahm Kund is highly regarded for its waters that are said to have magical healing powers. One such is the Brahm Kund at Sihor in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. It is a stepped tank surrounded by idols of Hindu deities. The kund (pond) at Bhavnagar is a striking display of some excellent architecture and sculpture. Some other such ponds lie at Vrindavan, Hardwar, Pushkar and Assam.

Created centuries ago, the Brahm Kund at Bhavnagar remains a supreme example of design and engineering. The pond covers a large area and it is designed with intricate detailing. It is said that a 12th century ruler King Siddhraj Jaisinh came under a curse placed on him by a deity named Ranakadevi and an incurable skin disease struck him.

One day, while undertaking a journey with his courtiers, he reached the area where this tank is situated. Everyone was tired and thirsty from the long journey. On seeing the tank full of water, he ordered the soldiers to stop there to take rest and quench their thirst. The king took a few sips of water from the tank. He immediately felt a sense of relief and pleasure on the skin. It seemed like a miraculous recovery. To testify if it were really true, he once again poured some water on his skin on the other parts of the body. After this novel experience, the king decided not to continue with the journey any further. Instead, he decided to stay put at Sihor.

His rationale told him that an instant judgment about this situation cannot be made. So his entire battalion camped there for a few weeks. He visited the Brahm Kund regularly for the next few days. Regular dips in the tank treated his skin ailment completely. This recovery prompted him to do up the tank again as an obligation for the relief and pleasure meted out to him and his courtiers.

The faith of the healing powers of this tank experienced by the king in the 12th century remains uninterrupted till today. People continue to visit the tank to cure themselves of skin ailments.

The Brahm Kund finds mention and reference in many books and manuscripts, poems and verses written by renowned poets and writers.

Sites and Buildings Nearby

  • Goutameshwar Temple and Lake: Visit this place for its scenic beauty and religious significance.
  • Vijay Vilas Palace: This palace showcases fine wood carvings and intricate paintings belonging to the 17th century.
  • Natural beauty: Sihor is a valley where you can spot verdant hills and gorgeous treks.
  • Sat Sheri: This is a mound that is home to nine Shiva temples, considered an important pilgrim for Hindus.

Useful Information

  • Entrance fee: Free of cost
  • Timings: Anytime
  • Location: Sihor, Bhavnagar Taluka, Gujarat

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Brahm Kund
Brahm Kund
Brahm Kund
Brahm Kund
Brahm Kund
Brahm Kund

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