Brick Tomb

At a distance of about 1 mile from Delhi Gate in Ahmedabad, lies the Brick Tomb of Shahibaug. This brick tomb was erected in 1453 and it belongs to Darya Khan, an erstwhile noble of Gujarat. The tomb is better known for its brick architecture as compared to a large number of other monuments in the city that are constructed of stone materials. The brick tomb is mostly in ruins now, but many tourists visit this place for its architectural brilliance.

The tomb design consists of single walled architecture that is intricately designed with carvings and decorations. However, the prime attraction of this brick tomb is its main dome-shaped chamber surrounded by 16 cells. All these cells are enclosed by small-size domes, creating a magnificent corridor around the tomb. There are arched entrances all along, which face the tomb from all sides.

It is believed that the architects of this brick tomb have used accurate methods of domes and arches to make a cavernous interior comprising a cenotaph and an arched verandah along with surrounding entrances. Based on its architectural patterns and styles, some experts are of the opinion that there is an Islamic influence in the tomb’s structure. According to them, this could be the work on Darya Khan, who migrated from Persia to this part of India.

Other Buildings and Sites Nearby

Amir Manzil

This site is located in the historical city of Champaren. It was excavated for archeological findings. It consists of a residential area, water channels, residences and gardens. There are three gates dotting this site. These are the Delhi Gate, Godhra Gate and Halol Gate.

Jami Masjid

Considered for its high architectural value, the mosque features long minarets and high plinths. It showcases intricate carvings on gates and windows.

Champaner Fort

This medieval Indian fort belongs to 16th century. It is an archaeological heritage site, best known for impressive structure and designs. The fortification here was built around the 13th century. One can enter this fort through the Atak Gate, Machi Gate, Budhiya Gate, and Moti or Sadan Shah Gate. Of all gates, Moti or Sadan Shah Gate is specially known because it has been created out of solid rock.

Kalika Temple

Located on the top of the Pavagadh hill, this temple is widely visited by Hindu pilgrims. Devotees of Goddess Kali frequent this temple. According to statistical data, around 1 million tourists and locals come to this temple every year. To reach this temple, people have to use a ropeway.

Lakulish Temple

This interesting temple is located at Chhashia Talav. It is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The many sculptures signify different forms of Lord Shiva. Of these sculptures, Ardhanarishvara, Kalyanasundaramurti and Dakshinamurti deserve special mention.

Machi Gate

The ruins of Khapra Zaveri Palace can be seen from the base of Machi. One can also enjoy a view of the Vishwamitri River from the terrace of the base.
Other attractions that can also be seen around here include the shrine of a Muslim Saint and a granary site.

Useful Information

• Location: Shahibaug, Ahmedabad

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Brick Tomb
Brick Tomb
Brick Tomb
Brick Tomb
Brick Tomb
Brick Tomb

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