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Dutch Gardens Surat

Surat, nicknamed as the heart of the diamond cutting industry and textile, lies peacefully 14 miles left of the banks of Tapti River. The Dutch Garden or the Dutch cemetery is a popular attraction of Surat, which is located near Kataragam Gate, at a distance of about 4 km from the city. The Dutch Cemetery is known for its ancient mausoleums, built in the memory of Dutch and British officials who settled in Surat for their business ventures. The mausoleums of the Dutch cemeteries are marked with massive Domes, beautiful pillars and huge galleries.

Dutch Garden of Surat encloses well landscaped gardens of old English and Dutch cemeteries which are distinguished by their architectural features.

Brief History

The earliest reference of Surat can be traced back to the classic epic of Mahabharata. A few other Sanskrit manuscripts refer to the dominance of Western Chalukya dynasty in this area. The Parsis started to settle here from the 8th century onwards, and added greatly to its prosperity. The Mughals realizing the importance of this place later developed a port here. This port used to be a passage way for pilgrims to Mecca. The early English people also recognized this place for textile business and established their first colony here in 1613 AD. A best mixture of people from different cultural backgrounds is housed by Surat.

Many Dutch as well as Englishman came over to Surat to start trading business in textile industry. These people opened a burial ground in honor of the Dutch businessman. The Dutch garden in Surat had been set up to cremate business men who came here for trading purposes.

There is a massive mausoleum of Baron Adrian Van Reede in Dutch Garden, who died here in 1691. The ancient original port, from where the ships sailed to other parts of the world, is another main attraction near the Dutch gardens. The old English factory and the Anglican Church are other interesting sites.


Dutch garden is one of the most significant and well landscaped gardens which are distinguished by their architectural features. The outstanding features of the English and Dutch cemeteries are their huge and imposing tombs, beautiful pillars and huge galleries. They narrate the story of power and glory. While taking a stroll you might feel like offering your prayers to those whose souls are resting in peace in the cemetery ground.


This temple, situated in Shahpor, was constructed 400 years ago, Temple is the finest model of Gujarat’s creative talent and architectural skill. A Replica of this Jain Temple is at the London Museum, which was prepared from sandalwood around 90 years ago.

Dumas Road

The Surat residents come out on this road, especially on Sundays, to taste spicy Lari food which is served hot and buy colored bed sheets from hawkers after sunset.

Hajira Beach

Hajira Beach is only 28km from Surat city. The scenic beauty of the beach is enhanced by surrounding casuarinas trees. 


Rangupavan is amongst the large theaters of India. The covered area of the theater is 189square meters. This theater can accommodate 4000viewers.

Sardar Patel Museum

This heritage museum houses about 1000 items of Gujarat crafts and its arts.

Old Fort

Muhammed Tughlak built this Old Fort to protect Surat from Bhils during the 14th century.

Tapti River

Tapti, one of the main Indian River, is also known as Tapi River locally. Mahi River, Tapti River and Narmada are three unique rivers which flow from east side to west side.

The Castle

This Castle is located near to a very old bridge of Tapti River. The castle was built by Gujarat Sultanate in 16th century. One should definitely visit this castle for historical and amazing sight of the Tapi river.

National Park of Vansada

This National Park is situated in Valsad district. This park has diverse wild animals like tigers, wild boars, leopards and panthers etc.


Dandi is situated on the coastline near Surat city. The place is associated with the famous Dandi march of Mahatma Gandhi.

Shopping in Surat

The Surat city boasts of an amazing array of shopping stuff including colorful ghagra-cholis.

How to Reach

Surat, strategically located on the southern part of Gujarat, is one of the blooming commercial hubs in India.

By Air

A domestic air terminal is located in Magdala, which is located at a distance of 10 Kms from Surat.

By Road

Surat, being an important commercial hub of Gujarat, is connected to different and important cities of central India through a well developed roads network. State and private bus services are operational.

By Rail

The railway head located in Surat has good connections to other main cities of India and Gujarat.

Local Transport

Every mode of transport to garden is available from any point of the city.

Best Time to Visit

Surat has a tropical climate, moderated strongly by the Arabian Sea and monsoon rainfall is abundant. Best time to visit Surat is from October to March.


Time to visit is from early morning to evening.

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Dutch Gardens Surat
Dutch Gardens Surat
Dutch Gardens Surat
Dutch Gardens Surat
Dutch Gardens Surat
Dutch Gardens Surat

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