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Aji Dam Garden Rajkot

The Aji Dam Garden, measures 39000sq.mts, is located at Aji village, Rajkot, in Gujarat state. The Aji Dam Garden is situated, on the outskirts at around 8 km from the centre of city on the South East side just on the bank of Aji dam reservoir, which gives the visitors an opportunity to move around in serene calm.  The dam was built by the government of Gujarat to supply water to the city of Rajkot.

The downstream area of the dam is maintained by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation. There are beautiful step gardens, amusement park for children, zoo, bird aviary, Crocodile Park where the citizens can spend their leisure time.

This hub of Saurashtra is famous for being an important industrial centre for Gujarat. It is well known for its abundance of gold and silver and textile expertise.

Brief History

Vibhoji Ajoji of Jadeja clan established Rajkot In 1612AD. It was then the capital of Saurashtra. River Aji is the most important river of Saurashtra. It originates from the hills of Sardhar and Lodhika region and travels through most talukas of Rajkot district before flowing into the Arabian Sea.

Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) along with Rajkot Municipal Corporation

(RMC) proposed to develop Amusement park at the Aji Dam site in Rajkot city of Gujarat on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis. The key objective was to expedite implementation and successful development of the Iconic tourism projects in Rajkot on PPP basis. Thus the Aji Dam Garden came into existence for all.


The garden comprises an amusement park, food courts and children’s park in its premises. It also has bird aviary, zoo and crocodile park. The trees present in the surroundings of this garden bloom at their best during the winter season. It also stands ideal for activities like evening walks and picnics. The lakes attract winter birds and the birds get stay here in the trees of the gardens.

Besides Aji Dam Garden, the Other Places of Interest in Rajkot are:

Race Course Grounds

The large Race Course Grounds with Bal Bhavan, Children's Traffic Park, Fun World, and sports facilities make it one of the most sought after tourist destination of Rajkot. The place allows the visitors to spend their leisure time with family and friends.

Watson Museum

This museum has a collection of archaeological artifacts and is Located in the Jubilee Gardens. It remains closed on Wednesdays and public holidays.

Ishwariya Temple

Ishwariya Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located near Madhapur village. The spiritual devotees visit this temple in large number. The temple is one of the prime attractions for the tourists who visit Rajkot.

Kabe Gandhino Delo

Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood at this place which offers a pictorial tour of his life. It is opened 6 days a week from 0900-1200hrs & 1500-1700hrs. His father Karamchand Gandhi lived here when he was appointed the Diwan of Rajkot State.

Lal Pari Lake

Lal pari lake is located in the lap of nature and is heaven for avian population, local and migratory as well, including pelican, common teal, rosy pastor, purple moor hen, black tailed godwit, pigeon, and spoon bill. Lal Pari Lake is visited for its beautiful lake that attracts picnickers in large number.


The place, founded by Mahatma Gandhi, is closely associated with India’s struggle for freedom. It imparts education and vocational training to the students.

Ramakrishna Mutt

Ramakrishna Mutt, must of tour to Rajkot, is known for picture-perfect calmness and privacy. People visiting here can explore the different facets of the life of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

Shopping Bangdi Bazar

This market has vast array of embroidered fabrics, bandhnis, beadwork and readymade bangles in every shape, form and color giving the market the suitable title of Bangdi Bazaar. It is located in the old part of the city

How to Reach

Rajkot is connected to major Indian cities by Air, Railway and Road. The Aji Dam Garden is adjacent to SH-25 going towards Bhavnagar. Due to its location on SH-25, it enjoys good accessibility and visibility.

By Train

Regular trains connect Rajkot to other important cities in Gujarat and rest of India. There are trains for all important cities of India. There is also a meter-gauge service to Veraval.

By Air

There is an Airport near the Rajkot city and all major domestic Airlines operate between Rajkot and Mumbai. Direct Flights from abroad arrive at regional International Airport in Ahmadabad.

By Road

Getting to Rajkot by road is quite exiting and convenient since the state transport buses and private luxury buses are available from several towns of Gujarat. You can also easily avail the state transport buses from Rajkot to other cities of Gujarat and neighboring Rajasthan.

Local Transport

Rajkot Municipal Corporation and private company are providing CNG buses for city and suburbs.

Best Time to Visit

Rajkot has a semi-arid climate, the pleasant time to visit Rajkot is from November to March, the average temperature being around 20°C, with low humidity.


Visiting time of the garden is from morning to evening.

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Aji Dam Garden Rajkot
Aji Dam Garden Rajkot
Aji Dam Garden Rajkot
Aji Dam Garden Rajkot
Aji Dam Garden Rajkot
Aji Dam Garden Rajkot

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