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Mangalm Van as its name suggests give pleasure, tranquility and solace to the visitors. This van is situated on top of small hill known as Kailash tekri and around 1.5 km away from Ambaji Temple on Khedbrahma Highway, North Gujarat. Mangalm Van is unique garden and also known as ‘Om Vatika’. One has to climb steps to reach Kailash tekri and Mangalya Van to witness several water bodies and charming views of this place. Mangalam Van has distinct USP ‘Astrological garden’ (Rashi Van) within the garden of plants, which astrologers say have the same effect as stones on one's life. Tourists pick plants according to their zodiac sign so that plants could be grown in their home backyards.
Ambaji Town is one of the most important religious destinations of Gujarat. Mangalam Van, in close vicinity of the Ambaji Temple, is visited by about 800 to 900 tourists daily.

Brief History

Banaskantha is district area named after the ‘West Banas River’ of Gujarat. The administrative head quarter is at Palanpur which is also a city. This city is surrounded by hillocks of Aravali range of mountains. The Palanpur city is named after Palansi Chauhans who settled here in 14thcentury. Mangalam Van is situated on Kailash Tekri, near Ambaji Temple, Ambaji Town Palanpur.

The van was developed by the forest department five years ago and now has become a huge attraction mainly due to ‘Rashi Van’ spread over18M*18M.


The beauty of van is in its flower plants, bio diversities and natural water bodies. Rashi Van is the major attraction among the visitors who regularly enquire about the effects of plants on sun signs and want to take back home saplings that favor their zodiac sign. Shastri Radhaswami and others feel that certain green vegetables have the same influence on the human beings as any precious stone.

Other places of interest in Banaskantha(Palanpur)

Ambaji Temple

The temple is dedicated to goddess Amba, principal shrine for worship since pre-Vedic period. Ambaji Temple, one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in India, is located in the Arasur hills thus named as Arasuri Amba. A gokh or niche in the wall with gold-plated marble inscription of the Viso Yantra fixed with Vedic text on sacred geometry, is the main focus of worship.

Balaram Palace Resort

The unique architectural style of the palace represents a unique combination of Baroque and Neo-Classical style of architecture. This palace is surrounded by lush green forest and flowerbeds consisting of different varieties of wild flowers.

Gabbar, Ambaji

The abode of the divine Mahishasur-Mardini (Maa Ambaji) is believed to have been the original seat of the goddess. Gabbargadh is said to be the site of Krishna's ritual head-shaving ceremony. The hill is very steep and difficult to climb.

There are footprints of the Goddess under a pipal tree, which are worshipped.

Jain Temples

The great saints of Jain religion have taken birth in Banaskantha District. This place comes under 108 Parshwanth Temples, which gets special attention from the devotees of Jainism. The world famous Jain Temple Ranakpur, known for its crafting, is here.

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Ambaji

The forest tract of Jessore hill is gifted with several rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is known more for rare Sloth Bear. The other important faunal species are leopards, Rhesus macaque, porcupine, striped hyena, wild boar etc.

Kedarnath Mahadev

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and said to belong the Mahabharata period. Kedarnath Mahadev is located in Aravali mountain at a height of 1500m above sea level and nearly 8km from the highway of Iqbalgarh.

Keerti Stambh

The Keerti stambh is dedicated to Adinath ji, the first Jain Tirthankars. This stambh (Tower) was, built by Jain merchant in 12th century AD, decorated with Jain philosophies.

Koteshwar, Ambaji

Shakti Ashram and Valmiki Ashram are worth seeing here. Koteshwar is 8km from Ambaji.

Mithi Vav (Sweet Water)

Mithi Vav is an ancient step well in Palanpur. It is the best-preserved architectural monument with seven galleries on the wall on either side.

Pallaviya Parshwanath Temple (Motu Derasar)

The temple dedicated to Lord Parshwanath, is the only place in the region where idol of King Prahladan, the builder, is instilled. The Pallaviya Parshwanath temple is one of the important religious places located in Palanpur and popularly known as Motu Derasar.

Poshina, Ambaji

Poshina is the hub of tribal culture of Gujarat. Poshina is home of tribal shrine where you find the staggering scene of thousands of terracotta horses standing in rows as offerings to the local goddess. Poshina hosts the famous Chitra-Vichitra fair, at the nearby Gunbhakhari village, couple of weeks after Holi.

How to Reach

By Air

International Airport Ahmadabad is nearest airport142km.

By Road

Direct buses are available from many places, including Mount Abu, Palanpur, Ahmedabad. The walk from the bus station to the temple is less than1km, under roofed walkway. Devotees can utilize GSRTC bus services that are available at regular intervals from Ambaji to Kailash Hill.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is from October to March.


Time to visit the park is from Morning to evening.

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Mangalya Van
Mangalya Van
Mangalya Van
Mangalya Van
Mangalya Van
Mangalya Van

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