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Heritage Walk

The Heritage Walk at Ahmedabad is a 2-hour sojourn that visitors undertake to see the place better. The walk takes you through the major architectural landmarks and places of historical significance that dot the city. This ensures you have a complete illustration of the city in those 2 hours. The heritage walks is not only popular with the tourists. Locals also take the walk to generate a sense of awareness about the valour and historic areas of the city. This walk is also known to encourage resourcefulness amongst the local communities. It leads them to conserve their own heritage.

En route the heritage walk here, you also get a close glimpse of the culture and pattern of living of the people here. You get the opportunity to relate with local people and talk to them. The heritage walk therefore also reveals the living culture of Ahmadabad. The initiative was started by the Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation since 19th November 1997 as a part of World Heritage Week. Ever since, it is conducted every day with the help of local NGOs and volunteers.

The heritage walk has been well designed and organised to ensure tourists get a complete look of the city, sites and culture. The tour starts off with a special slideshow presentation that showcases the entire history unfolding itself from the 10th century site Ashaval to the present well-settled city of Ahmadabad and onwards.

The pictorial walk begins from the serene Swaminarayan Mandir in Kalupur and completes its journey at one of the most wondrous architectural structures the Jumma Masjid. The walk covers numerous local roads and turns, the pols which have havelis and temples of the local Hindu and Jain population.

Sites Along the Tour

The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas

This is the house of Ahmadabad’s first businessman and philanthropist. The house was built by a small shop keeper who turned into a cloth mill owner and today his house has been refurnished and fabricated with all modern day amenities and comforts of all kinds.

Sidi Sayid Mosque

The mosque was built in 1572 in the memory of Sidi Syid who was a habshis. It is famous for its unique tree of life motif and the extraordinary jali work made by stone carving.

The Bhadra Fort

This is the oldest fort of the monuments built by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411. The fort has a square structure and spreads over 43 acres of land. The design also encompasses 14 bastions, eight gates, and 18 cannons.

Azam Khan Palace: This palace was created by the Mughal governor of that time. It came to be known as the Azam Khan Sarai in 1637. It started as a resting place to travellers and later got converted into a hospital and jail during the British rule.

Sri Chinubhai M. Ranchodlal Statue

Sri Chinubhai M. Ranchodlal was the first Baronet of the city. His statue in white marble throne stands at the green park and it was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi 14 years before independence.

Teen Darwaja: Also called Tripoli Gate, this is the royal entrance to Maidan-e-Shahi leading to the Bhadra Fort. This triple arched gateway was built in the year 1411 and it is lined with palm and date trees that add to its beauty. Today the road is commonly called as the Gandhi Road and is one of the busiest streets of India.

Ahmad Shah Tomb: Ahmad Shah was the founder of Ahmadabad and the city is named after him, he being the ruler for almost 32 years.

Harkunvar Shethani’s Haveli

A very interesting feature of old housing in Ahmadabad was the pols. These pols were havelis (estates) built with wood and bricks to counteract the effects of earthquake. They had concealed balconies or brackets which were decorated with unique wood carving works. The pol or haveli of Harkunvar Shethani an eminent and influential woman of Gujarat is an explicit example of this work.

Jama Masjid Mosque

This mosque resides in the centre of the old city and is built of yellow sand stone. Built in 1424 by Sultan Ahmad Shah, this mosque is today the culmination of the Heritage Walk.

Useful Information

Timings: 8:00am

Starting Point: Swaminarayan Temple

End Point: Jama Masjid

Fees: For Indians Rs. 30/- For Foreigners: Rs. 50/-

Contact Details:

Phone +91 79 25391811

Mobile +91 98240 32866

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Heritage Walk
Heritage Walk
Heritage Walk
Heritage Walk
Heritage Walk
Heritage Walk

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