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Gates Of Fort Walls

This great Fort Walls form the primary line of defense for the Pavagadh Fort. The fort is exactly at Champaner, Pavagadh. The wall and its surrounding gates date back to thirteenth century. The first and foremost fortification was entered via Atak gate which comprised of catapult structures and 2 gateways. Whereas, the western end of Pavagadh Fort has Budhiya gate comprised of 3 gateways. There are 4 successive gates linked by gigantic battlements at the Machi gate. Among all these gates, the Sadan Shah gate or Moti gate is the highly significant gate which has been cut through solid rock.

Champaner is a historically important city in Gujarat. The city is situated in Panchmahal district which is approximately 47 km from Vadodara city. This city served as the capital of Gujarat for a brief period. This city was founded during 8th century by the highly renowned king of Chavda Dynasty, Vanraj Chavda. He named this city after his friend and general Champaraj. During the later part of 15th century, Khichi Chauhan Rajputs captured Pavagadh Fort that is above the Champaner town.

Mahmud Begada, the young Gujarat Sultan decided to attack Champaner and began their journey on December 4 1482. By the year 1535, they chased Bahadur Shah Humayun and later on, he personally instructed 300 Mughals to destroy the fort with spikes that are driven into stonework and rock in the unguarded and unpopulated portion of Citadel constructed over precipitous hillside on the well-known Pavagadh Hill. Huge heaps of jewels, gold and silver were the war booty but then, Bahadur Shah managed to escape with good quantity to Diu. This place Champaner is currently the site of Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park which was crowned to be one among the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004.

The magnificent and beautiful Jama Masjid was constructed at Champaner by Sultan Begada holds the position of being among the finest archeological buildings of Gujarat state. This Jama Masjid is an imposing structure on tall plinth designed with a central dome, 172 pillars, two minarets of 30 m in height, 7 mihrabs together with carved gates at its entrance decorated with fine latticed windows referred as ‘jalis’.

In 2001, the famous award winning Hindi Film ‘Lagaan’ was based in this region of Champaner at the time of British Raj, when our Indian Army cantonment was working at this site.

The nearby places to visit near the Gates of the Fort Walls are Sahar Ki Masjid, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park and Mandvi Customs House.

How to Get There

By Road

Champaner is located at 45 km from Vadodara. Hence, one can easily commute using government or private vehicles. One can opt to travel by car from Vadodara to Champaner-Pavagadh which is a highly preferred option if they want to club the journey with other famous tourist destinations like Jambughoda.

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Gates of the Fort Walls
Gates of the Fort Walls
Gates of the Fort Walls
Gates of the Fort Walls
Gates of the Fort Walls
Gates of the Fort Walls

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