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Badshah No Hajiro

Burial places assume special religious significance amid Muslims and some of their burial places are today among the hotspot tourist destinations in the country largely due to their exotic locations and exquisite architecture. At Badshah no Hajiro, which was buit in the year 1446, rest the mortal remains of the founder of Ahmedabad, Ahmed Shah I. The place is located to the western side of Manek Chowk, just outside the eastern gate of Jama Masjid. The place’s architecture is in the shape of a square, which has porticos around it. The windows are perforated and the carvings on them are breathtaking.  The cenotaphs of Ahmed Shah’s son Muhammad Shah and grandson Qutbuddin Ahmed Shah III are also located at this place, where women are not allowed inside. Even men must cover their heads before they enter Badshah no Hajiro. Outside, located closeby, is the Rani-no-Hajiro which houses the tombs of queens of sultans after Ahmed Shah I.

Nearby Attractions

Pols of Ahmedabad

The Pols are honeycomb-type old living complexes that housed people of different castes under one roof. They are amid the major attractions of Ahmedabad andare as old as the year 1714. The huge gates of these Pols and other architectural marvels still delight the modern-day visitors.

Bhadra Fort

Built in 1411 by Ahmed Shah, the Bhadra Fort stands as a true flag-bearer of olden times. The fort has many gardens and royal palaces, which house modern government offices like that of the Archaeological Survey of India. Bhadrakali Temple is located here and the fort is named after Goddess Bhadra (Kali).

Teen Darwaza

Close to Bhadra Fort, the Teen Darwaza is among the longest gateways in India built by Ahmed Shah. The gate is triple-arched and was only meant for the entry of the royalty. The place spells out regal splendor in all its glory.

Ahmed Shah's Mosque

The mosque is located on Sardar Patel Road and dates back to the time of Sultan Ahmed Shah. The prayer halls here are a piece of art in black and white marble. There is a separate prayer hall for women.

Science City

The Science City aims to promote scientific temper and generate overall appreciation for the world of science amid the people. The Science City affords many an attraction for the visitor in the form of IMAX 3-D theatre, Musical Dancing Fountain, Energy Education Park et al.

Sabarmati Ashram

The place from where the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi started his famous Dandi March in 1915, the Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Satyagraha Ashram, is located close to Ahmedabad on the shores of Sabarmati Ashram.

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Badshah No Hajiro
Badshah No Hajiro
Badshah No Hajiro
Badshah No Hajiro
Badshah No Hajiro
Badshah No Hajiro

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