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Vintage Car Rally

The Vintage car rally revives the memories of the bygone eras when automobiles used to the pride among the riches and the royals. It gives the glimpses of the British ear in India. This rally celebrates the existence of vintage cars which look royal and extremely fascinating. The Maharajas in Rajasthan had amazing penchant for automobiles and they used to import cars from America & Europe. Their affinity for cars is reflected in this Vintage Car Rally.

In this car rally, one can find some of the classic automobile beauties which charm the onlookers amazingly. This car rally has become quite popular among the people who have a natural flair for adventure.

This car rally is an annual affair and it takes place in the month of January in Jaipur every year. What you can see here, is the astonishing congregation of the old model vintage cars hailing from yesteryears. In India, a car is considered to be Vintage if it is manufactured before 1939.

Activities in the Vintage Car Rally

This one of its kind of Vintage Car Rally, that is held in Jaipur, Rajasthan attracts several tourists, paramours of vintage beauty and enthusiastic sports lovers.

In this Rally, these cars are driven at high speed while maintaining utmost safety on the roads of Rajasthan. Apart from Jaipur, this kind of rally is also organized at Jodhpur. In Jodhpur, the arrangements are made by "Jodhpur Heritage Club" that was founded in 2007.

Popular car participants in Vintage Car Rally

The Vintage Car Rally, Jaipur  is a matter of esteem prestige for the participants and the vintage car owners. Some vintage car models that often participate in this annual car rally include Fiat 501 of 1923, Erskine of 1923, Austin of 1923, the Morris 8 of 1938, Mercedes Benz 170 V of 1937 and the Humber of 1903.  Many of these vintage cars can be hired for some hours for joy rides or on the special occasions like weddings.

While an eye is kept out by connoisseurs for every possible opportunity for elevating and enriching their car collection, some have become owners of these cars by inheritance as these vintage machines were left behind by their forefathers.

How to Reach

By Road

Jaipur is connected by road with some major cities of north India like Delhi and Chandigarh. One can board a road transport bus or a Volvo from these cities to reach Jaipur. Taxis can be hired or private cars can be taken to Jaipur from nearby places as road connectivity to the city is quite good.

By Rail

Jaipur railway station is connected with all the major cities of the country by superfast trains. So this is also a good way to reach the city.

By Air

Jaipur airport is connected with many cities of the country.

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