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Karni Mata Fair

Fair Epitome

Celebrated at the most beautiful and cultural place, Rajasthan, this fair is held in the honor of the holy Karni Malta, who was worshiped by the royal family of Bikaner. This fair is held twice a year for 10 days during the time of navaratras, from the first to the tenth day of the lunar month, which usually falls in the month of March or April and September or October respectively.

The temple is one of the main tourist attractions of Bikaner and the fair attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Karni Malta is also worshipped as a goddess by her principal followers knows as charms.

Religious Orientation

The gates of the temples are wide opened at 4 am early morning. The Karni mata temple is also known as rat temple since rats can be seen in numbers roaming freely in the temple. Karni Mata had dedicated all her life in serving poor and needy people and it is also been assumed that she was the owner of some supernatural powers. Being held in the Karni Mata temple, people use to visit the fair for the blessings of Malta for their life.

It is also believed that one of the children of Karni Mata died and she brought him back on the face of a rat and therefore these rats are worshipped by the patrons. This is the most devoted and unique feature of the temple.

Charan priest performs Mangal Arti in the morning and offers bhog to the devotees.  The temple and the mirth fair attract a bulk of tourist from all over the country every year.

Tourism Consequences

Colorful and exclusively varied, Rajasthan, is the most cultural and one of the important tourist spot in India. The unique culture and beautiful historical monuments attract a considerable number of tourists every year. Above it the Karni mata fair is a must see for the tourist. Colorful functions, mouth watering cuisines and the divine Karni Mata magnetize the tourist from different parts of the country like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana towards it.

This religious temple is built with marble and stone, in which lies the idol of Karni Mata made up of yellow marble and this is something very interesting fact to look at. The enchanting statue is beautifully groomed with gleaming and shining crown, dazzling jewelleries and colorful garlands during the fair. One definitely needs to enjoy these parts of the fair with full enthusiasm.

Plying Rundown

Reaching the Karni mata temple is not a tough task. It is located 30 miles from south Bikaner and is easily accessible by bus and train.

By Road

Karni Mata Temple is about 480 kilometres from Delhi and is connected by NH11. It also has sound road connectivity from other major cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra and Lucknow.

By Train

Deshnok junction is the closest railway station offering rail connectivity to major cities with some of the most prominent trains.

By Air

Jaipur airport, being around 350 kilometres is the nearest airport to the temple and flights to and from various countries are available there.

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