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Khetlaji Fair

Fair Epitom

This fair is held in the enthralling and exciting city of Rajasthan which invites a huge number of tourists every year. Lots of fair is being organized in the city and the main focus of the fairs is the castles. Khetlaji fair is also one of them which pinpoints mainly at horse shows. Celebrated for two days in the month of march and April, this fair is held in the honor of the vine Shri Sonana Khetlaji, who is believed to have the power to make our dreams come true.

For all the devotees who visit the fair have utmost spiritual believe in the goddess. It is believed that all the wishes come true in the fair when worshipped. The most attracting feature of the fair is the horse race and different shops displaying numerous handmade stuffs of daily use.

Significance Of The Fair

This fair is a gala occasion for the travelers and the people from the adjoining areas. The people come in a groomed form with glamorous and striking dresses right from the starting day to the end. Well trained horses perform their main task which is the main focus point of the fair. Marwari horses perform many tricks and even performs dance into the rhythm of the music. Also traders coming from different parts of the country are involved in a brisk business.

Apart from the horse shows, body tattooing skills are being performed at the fair and a huge indulgence of travelers can be seen. Wide variety of tattoo making shops are being opened at the fair. A dance performance by the troupes of gair dancers is a mesmerizing sight, dressed up brightly in huge striking colorful attires and embedded with different styles.

Tourism Scenario

The horses are the main show stealers, attracting the whole slot of people visiting the fair. The fair is a gala occasion for shopping. Numerous shops are being set up by the local people a also by the traders. Handicrafts, fabrics, embroidery work stuffs are the main attraction of the shops. All the materials are prepared by the women of the area. The traders displays their best cattle for selling purposes.

It is a lifetime opportunity for the visitors to have a look at the colorful and amazing dance performances by the troops and the music played by the musicians. The tattoo shops are always filled with the buzz of tourists. The horse race is a must see at the fair.

Plying Rundown

By Road

Sonana district is well linked to Pali and can be easily travelled by road from different destinations. Bus services are available from destinations like Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and many other major cities.

By Rail

Many express trains provide service every day from Delhi a reach the fair within eleven hours. Good network rail service connects Pali with Jodhpur and Udaipur.

By Air

The nearest airport to Sonana is Jodhpur and is 72 kilometers away from Sonana.

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