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Sitabari Fair

Sitabari fair, as can be interpreted by its name, is an annual fair, held in a small town named Sitabari in Rajasthan. This fair is the biggest and highly celebrated fair of Sahariya tribe hailing from south-east Rajasthan. This fair is popularly known as "Kumbh" in Sahariya Tribe. This fair is an amazing showcase for witnessing the vigour and lifestyle of this tribe's people.

This fair derives its name from the small village where it takes place - Sitabari. This small village has religious significance for Hindus, as the wife of Lord Rama, Sita stayed in this twon during the period of their exile. It is celebrated by regional people with great zeal at Sitabari, located at a distance of 1 km from Kelwar village in Shahbad Tehsil of Baran District of Rajasthan.

The Fair

This fair has its roots in the Hindu mythology and relates to Ramayana. As per Hindu Mythology, when the wife of Lord Rama - Sita, was serving her banishment period, stayed in this small town. When she felt thirsty, her brother in law, Lakhsman, who also accompanied Ram & Sita in their exile, shot an arrow towards the ground which resulted in the emergence of a spring of water, which is even today, popularly known as "Lakshman Babhuka". People of this region believe that the fresh & clean water of this spring and the sacred Kunds possess curative powers. Thus, they take holy dips in this water for purifying their body and soul. Some people also come to dispose the ashes of their dead family members outside the Suraj kumbh.

People who come to attend this fair, also visit Valmiki Ashram. As per Ramayana, the twin sons - Luv and Kush of Lord Rama and Sita were born in this Ashram. It is a very simple structure comprising of a horizontal shot rested on two upright stones.

Swayambar Ceremony at Sitabari Fair

The people hailing from Sahariya tribe bring their children of marriageable age to this fair for organizing their Swayambar. To begin the ceremony, an eligible boy is required to drop a handkerchief. This dropping of handkerchief is the symbol of his marriage proposal to the girl of the same community. In order to accept the marriage proposal of the boy, the girl is required to pick up the handkerchief. Once both - the girl and the boy agree to get married to each other, they are taken to the Barnawa tree, where they are made to take seven rounds around the tree. After taking the sacred rounds, they are required to take the blessings of their elders by touching their feet and then they are declared married.

Worship and Offerings

In this fair, the devotees indulge themselves in taking holy dips in the sacred kunds for the purification of soul and the body. They also offer the tokens showcasing their devotion to the dedicated deities whose images have been put here during the fair. These offerings generally include coconut, jaggery, Batashas, Grain and Cash etc.

There are three poplar kunds - Sita Kund, Suraj Kund and Lakshman Kund which are quite popular among the visitors. the Lakshman kund is the largest in the area and one of its gates is known as "Lakshman Darwaza".

Activities at Sitabari Fair

It is a two days long fair, which attracts several devotees, who attend the fair for taking holy dips in the Kunds. In addition to holy dips, they also offer their prayers to their dedicated deities. The Sitabari fair, is not just a religious affair and attended only by devotees but many farmers and traders from the nearby places like Nagaur, Kota, Jhalawar, Bundi, Bhilwara and Aklera come in this fair to sell their goods and other stuff in the vast gathering of people.

It also attracts cattle vendors from various parts of the state. Many cattle traders & breeders come to this fair for selling different breeds of cattle.

How To Reach

By Road

Sitabari is only 1 km from Kelwar, thus one needs to reach Kelwar for reaching Sitabari. One can board regular Rajasthan government buses to reach Kelwar from nearly places like Baran, Kota etc. The number of buses plying between these places is increased during the days of the fair.

By Air

There are many airports in major cities of the state, but one has to take road or rail route to reach the place.

By Rail

Baran, which is 75 km from Kelwar is the nearest railway station to reach Sitabari fair.

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