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Mallinath Fair

Fair Epitome

Rajasthan is the place of varied culture and is one of the most enthralling and fascinating place of India. Mallinath fair is held every year in the small village, Tilwara of Rajasthan attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. This fair lasts for a fortnight and a large variety of cattle’s like cows, camels, sheep, goats and horses can be seen in it.

People of all castes attend this fair and enjoy with great enthusiasm and participate in every function. This fair is held in the honor of king Rawal malignant, the folk hero of Rajasthan. The devotees of the king happily and joyfully enjoy the fair throughout the month.

Significance Of The Fair

The grand fair opens with the hoisting of the flag of Rawal Mallinath followed by the songs of his greatness. The devotees offer prayers to the king and it is strongly believed that the wishes are granted. After their wishes are fulfilled, it is accustomed to offer horse of wood, brass and bronze. It is said that the fair is celebrated in the honor of the king Rawal Mallinath, the popular local hero.

The king and his wife Rani Rupade are admired and valued as folk saints in western Rajasthan and therefore farmers from rural areas come with their folks and participate in the fair. Races are being held between the different folks like goat, camels, cow, and sheep. The animals who win the race are awarded by white badges and are sold for high cost at the fair.

Tourism Consequences

Rajasthan is a great and attracting tourist place and is filled with tourists from overseas all the seasons. The beautiful sculptures, colorful fabric and various handicrafts stuffs are the striking features of the place. The music and the special embroidery work done on the cloths are another attractive feature of the place.

Apart from these stuffs, the fairs held in Rajasthan are the most attractive portion and these fairs are occupied with endless number of people from all over the world. It is a great opportunity for the tourist to have a look at the exclusive folk races. This is the most famous fair and one of its kind that provide enough elation for the tourists. The bliss tent organized at the fair provides an immense and an amazing experience to the voyagers.

Plying Rundown

By Road

The distance from Delhi to Barmer is 791 kilometres and it will take almost 11hours if you drive yourself on national highway 15. Bus services are available from Jodhpur which is 224 kilometers via Balotra. The city of Jaisalmer is 157 kilometers far while Jaipur is 588 kilometers away.

By Train

You can easily take up DLI JSM express from Delhi which run everyday and takes four hours to reach the destination. This is one of the most convenient ways to reach the place by train.

By Air

There is no air service to the Barmer district but the nearest airport to the destination is the Jodhpur domestic airport which is 220 kilometers away from the place. The airport offers frequent flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur. The closest international airport is Jaipur international airport which is 320 kilometers away from the place.

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