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Banganga Fair

The tourists from all over the world have high attraction for the palaces, fantastic forts, thrilling landscapes and colorful rich traditions of Rajasthan. These are not the only attractions of Rajasthan; it is also famous for its festivals, fairs and lots of other fascinating things. Rajasthan has got numerous fairs and festivals and the capital city of Jaipur is unique in offering the varied recreational and entertaining performances with other historical monuments.

One of the most wanted and visited fair of Jaipur in Rajasthan is Banganga fair. This fair, a gala event, is celebrated with full enthusiasm and keenness by the local people along with other people coming here to observe and enjoy this festival.

Devotees from Rajasthan, neighboring states and other parts of the country congregate on this attractive place for worship and bathing in Banganga stream because performances of the rituals here are considered good fortune signs by the populace. This fair presents very good opportunities to the traders and merchants from all parts of the state to trade their goods. The atmosphere of Banganga fair is full of pleasure and excitement which can be observed from the numerous smiling participating faces of different strata’s of populace. The merchants in the fair displays a wide range of goods ranging from general and traditional items  to household items and practically this fair becomes an ideal place for shopping freaks. The children of every age love to come here and enjoy the lovely carnivals due to the availability of lot of entertaining, educative and recreational items like Merry-go-round rides, traditional performances etc.

All the devotees assemble at the lord Krishna’s temple and proceed in groups towards Banganga River to have a Holy dip there. The devotees have faith and believe that bathing in Banganga River would clean away all the wrongdoings of all the devotees resulting in the purification of individual soul and mind. The devotees, after taking the bath in Banganga stream, go to pay reverence visit to Hanuman ji, Gangabihari ji, Goswamiji Math and Mahadev Shiva ji temples.

Banganga stream is situated in Bairath town, very near to Jaipur, and frequent and easy and every type of road transport facilities are available to reach to the Banganga fair.

Legend behind the Fair

Banganga fair is celebrated as per the Legend of Mahabharat epic about the traditions of taking care and respecting the elders since the immemorial time in India.

The fair is celebrated, 10km away from Bairath Town, near a stream. According to the Legend, this stream was formed by Arjun, an ace archer and a pandav of Mahabharat time. It is supposed that by shooting an arrow, Arjun formed a water stream to satisfy the thirst of Bhisma Pitamah, on the death bed of arrows. Bhisma Pitamah of Mahabharat era was a family patriarch and reputed statesman who was wounded badly in the Mahabharat battle.

Bairath town is located at a distance of 86kms from capital Jaipur on National Highway-8  near Shahpura diversion. Normal bus services are offered between Jaipur and Maid (a place very near to Banganga). Pilgrims congregate for this famous and annual fair and move in crowds. Pilgrims consider it very auspicious to take a holy dip here and pay homage to the deities. Pilgrims from Behror, Alwar, Bharatpur, Jaipur and beyond come here to bath in thousand numbers. The traders of nearby and even from faraway places also come here to participate and to sell their wide range items and wares like household items, toys, artificial ornaments, textiles and religious books etc. This fair of Banganga is very vibrant and religiously jovial which is also enjoyed by the other visitors.

The devotees congregate in the temple of Shri  Radha Krishan to proceed further for taking the Holy bath and paying homage to other temples dedicated to Gangabihari, Lord Shiva and Hanuman ji. Goswamiji’s Math is also visited by the devotees. It is folklore that devotees purify their soul and mind if they bath in the Holy Banganga’s water on the special fair day. The Radha-Krishan Mandir is around 200 years old and was constructed by Bakshi Nandram of Jaipur for the assembly of devotees.>

Time of Celebration of Fair

The Banganga fair is celebrated by the devotees in April and May months of every year. This fair of Rajasthan has significant mythological believes for the nearby area people and worth seen experiences for the rest of India.

Main Attraction

To have a Holy bath in the scared stream on Vaishak Purnima is the major attraction of this fair of Banganga.

How to Reach

Bairath town is located 86km away from Jaipur on a divert route, near Shahpur, connecting Alwar from National Highway No.-8.

Regular bus service operations are there between Maid, a place very near to Banganga stream, and Jaipur.

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