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Pushkar Fair

Fair Epitome

The most popular and joyful fair of Rajasthan is welcomed by the people of Pushkar joined by lakhs of tourist visiting it from around the world. This is basically cattle fair in which people from various states comes with their cattle to sell them or to buy new ones. This festival is well known for its religious value, Cattles and festivities. This fair is hosted on the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar.

Pushkar camel fair is India’s highly rated travel experience spot, attracting 300,000 people to have a magnificent view of around 20,000 camels, cattle and horse at the place.

Significance Of The Fair

The small town of Pushkar is transformed into a spectacular ground in which rows of cattle, objects of art of daily use, decorative items for cattle's, small handicraft items are displayed for sale. Races between horses and camels are cheered by thousands of visitors. Camel judging competitions are very popular at this fair by the animal lovers.

Visitors in bulk go to the banks of the Pushkar Lake to enjoy the different and colorful folk dances, music of Rajasthan, live shows and many more performances. People from rural area come to sell their livestock which includes camels, cows, sheep and goats. The women sit in the stalls and sell attractive and striking jewelleries, clothes, textiles and fabrics. Handmade stuffs for daily use are made by the women of Pushkar are also being displayed for sale. These stalls are extremely colorful and gorgeous and are specifically designed by the people of Pushkar.

Tourism Consequences

Rajasthan is growing at a rapid rate in terms of tourism. The diversified culture and sculptures of the place makes it more striking. Tourist visiting the Pushkar fair gets the privilege to take a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake to seek the blessings of the Brahma temple. The fair has its own magic and it's a lifetime experience for the tourist. It is truly a feast for the eyes and an event not to be missed for the travelers.

It gives an opportunity for the tourist to enjoy the color, spectacle and carnival of one of the great traditional Melas which include livestock, farmers, traders, villagers, camel races, handmade stuffs from all over Rajasthan. One can enjoy the amazing experience of camping. Luxury tented camp is being organized especially for the tourist in a stylish and welcoming retreat and magical way to experience the Pushkar Mela.

Plying Rundown

No doubt, Pushkar Fair provides enough opportunities to have a closer look of the Indian culture to the tourists boarding in the country.

By Road

It is about 400 kilometres from the national capital, New Delhi and is connected via NH 8. Several other major cities are also connected to the place offering vital road traveling.

By Train

Ajmer is the nearest railway station to Pushkar and is 11km far from it. The Ajmer railway station provides major train’s connectivity to different parts of the country.

By Air

Jaipur airport being the nearest one is the best option to reach the destination. Also, it is the only international airport in the state and hence providing flights to all the major countries.

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