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The Accommodation

The accommodation options at Chokhi Dhani include 33 royal cottages, 59 deluxe cottages and 8 Haveli suites to accomplish the needs of different customers. All the rooms are very spacious with equipped with the basic amenities that will provide a comfortable stay to the guests. Rooms are air conditioning with 24 hours hot and cold water supply, mini bars, attached bathrooms, telephone service and lots more.  The traditional interiors will surely give you a royal feel and let you enjoy the 5 star facilities of the hotel.

Our excellent services will surely please you thus attracting towards our hotel whenever you come to Rajasthan.

Cottages & Royal Cottages

The cottages of the Chokhi Dhani are a true glimpse of the culture as well as the traditions of Rajasthan that is why it is most of the most visited places by the tourists.
The cottages are very spacious and take you into a different world offering a cozy feel. The decoration and the service, everything is so unique that it gives the guests a royal feel as if they are the kings and the queens. Special emphasis is given to the comfort level of the guests depending on their personal needs.

There are 59 cottages, all of them are air conditioned and depict the real Rajasthani style and grandeur that is appreciated by all. On the other hand, you have 33 royal cottages which are embellished with decorative art and craft that seeks the attention of the people. If you are interested in experiencing the rural lifestyle, you have come to the right place. Coming to Chokhi Dhani will prove to be a great decision as one gets a change from the monotonous life and enjoy the new atmosphere which is refreshing and lovely.

The 'Haveli' Suites

Chokhi Dhani is also well known for its one of the luxurious accommodation options, the Shekhawati Haveli Suites. In total there are 8 suites and give a glimpse of the rich heritage that the state is known for. The suites are being named after the Shekhawati region that lies in Rajasthan and known for its colorful forts.

Apart from the colorful forts, there are lots of other things that are famous about the Shekhawati region like the handicrafts, frescoes, artistic works, mirrors and lots more. At Chokhi Dhani we have made an effort to recreate the same ambience incorporating the modern amenities as well. The guests will surely love the atmosphere of the suites and the way it has been created keeping in mind the ethnic culture and the comfort level of the guests.

So if you are looking forward to a pleasurable stay, these suites are just perfect.

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