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The Chokhi Dhani village is known for its cultural performances that are organized on every evening and enjoyed a lot by the tourists. It is a definitely a different experience to be a part of such activities.

Folk Dance and Music Show - Chaupal Nach Gan Re

Rajasthan is well known for its different folk dances that are usually performed on various occasions to impress the people. Some of these dance forms are Snake dance, Ghoomer, Kalbeliya, Bhopa-Bhopi, Porter dance and many more. One of the popular dance forms is the Kalbeliya which has lots of beats and performed extremely well by the experienced artists. Throughout the performance, the dancer has to be fast and catch one beat after the other. Even the snake dance is quite charming and the dancers dance to the tunes of the charmers and attract the audiences. Bhopa-Bhopi dance form depicts a story in the form of the dance usually related to the ancient Maharajas. Ghoomer is also one of the most special dance forms that are done in every house of Rajasthan. Porter dance is done with several pots kept on the head and with a diya in the last pot.

Acrobatics on a Bamboo- Nat Ro Kartab

This is a lovely performance where the artists balance themselves on a thin bamboo stick and surprise the crowd with their skills.

The Puppet Show - Kathputali Ro Nach

The Puppet show is also one of the fabulous sources of entertainment for the local people and the tourists. The show brings out the stories from the ancient times and depicts them in a colorful way that is usually admired by the people.

The Magic Show - Jadu Ro Khel

These tricks are performed by the jugglers who are trained and skilled to perform such activities and leave the audiences surprised.

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