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About Chokhi Dhani

Chauki Dhani is a replication of the ethnic beauty of Rajasthan which is located in the suburbs of the Pink City, Jaipur. Spread over eighteen acres of land, this place is more like a synonym to the culture of Rajasthan till 1989. It was just starting as a Rajasthani ambience in the restaurant but now, it is like a whole village which has the most colorful and cultural taste in the entire country. It is built on a theme of Rajasthan which shows the rich heritage Rajasthan has. When you go there, it seems like the festival never ends there as it is so lively and so colorful. The tradition of Rajasthan is infused in the place which illustrates the hospitality of Rajasthan.

There is a different theme every day in Chauki Dhani and they celebrate different festivals there in a different manner. Apart from food, dance and music, there are a number of games, rides, shopping which entertains the people. Each and everything you find in that place signifies the heritage and culture of Rajasthan. On the other hand, the Chauki Dhani Resort is not just a modern resort with all the facilities, but it’s also letting you experience the Royal Culture. They have a tradition of providing the best hospitality and so as they say “Padharo Maare Des” it sends you to a completely different era of thakurs who were the lords of the village. It is an ideal place to be when you are on a vacation. Chauki Dhani Resort is a blend of tradition and modernity. You can find meeting and banquet halls there along with health clubs, Recreational facilities, Swimming Pool, , Jacuzzi, Steam and Sauna baths, Spa, Beauty Parlor, Gym and Massage facilities, Bar and multi cuisine restaurants. They also have a special thali in which they give pure ghee and make you eat it in a traditional way by doing arti and Tika when you enter and playing their folk music. The decoration is also very beautiful with special attention given to the tradition of Rajasthan.

Since Rajasthan is a very hot city and there are people who feel like relaxing in the water and relaxing, a water park was also started by Chauki Dhani which has all the modern facilities. The Pink Perl was started by Chauki Dhani which was a fun city with an extension of a resort on it. The resort has all the modern facilities like a coffee shop, conference hall, recreational centre etc. The Water Park in the Pink Perl has four big pools, numerous rides, a mini train and other games like go-carting and video games for recreation.

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