Chokhi Dhani in Rajasthan

The Chauki Dhani Village has an ethnic village which has over hundred cottages and haveli suites apart from the multi-cuisine restaurant, spa, barbeque, and hukkah lounge. There is a fair which shows the village life in Rajasthan and their culture and traditions. Gulraj Vaswani is the Chairman of Chauki Dhani and Subhash Vaswani is its Managing Director.

It is a five star resort which has a touch of Rajasthan is making it unique and memorable, especially for the people who do not belong to Rajasthan. The whole Rajasthan can be experienced in Chauki Dhani when you stay in the huts and eat the delicious traditional food in a traditional style. The folk dance performances and the music are so enthusiastic that it will make you want to stay there forever.


Chauki Dhani was found in the year 1989 and is spread over twenty two acres. It is considered to be the most famous tourist attraction in Jaipur and provides one of the best hospitality in India.

It is located in the suburbs of Jaipur and is a representation of the ethnic Rajasthan and is said to be a synonym of the Rajasthani Culture since the time it was established.
The main activities which go on in Chauki Dhani are folk dances, magic shows, astrology, music shows, puppet shows and tours to an artificial forest and cave.

Activities in Chokhi Dhani

There are a lot of facilities in Chauki Dhani and others which are being constantly being developed for the convenience of their guests. The quality which they provide gets better every time you visit and you will be happier each time. They make you’re your stay in Chauki Dhani was a memorable one and constantly make efforts for the same.


It’s a lobby in Chauki Dhani which has bamboo net ceilings and the walls are plastered with mud. There are Rajasthani Paintings, rural artifacts and carved furniture which shows you the glimpse of the Richness of Rajasthan.

Bindola Restaurant

The Bindola Restaurant attracts families as well as corporate and serves Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisine to their customers. The chefs make sure they give you the best dish which will want you lick your fingers and the ghazals in the background just add on to the pleasantness.

Chandani Mahal Bar

The ceiling of the Bar is studded with one hundred thousand mirrors and has silver and lacquer work in the curtains. The green marble flooring and the furniture represent the Udaipur Region of Rajasthan. The place is a must visit in the evenings as the lightings and the reflections from the glass make it worth seeing.


It is a courtyard which is tiled beautifully and is best for having get together. You can sit in the open and have a meal there with your loved ones.


Games like Billiards, Carom. Table Tennis and Chess are played in Tapri which is also called the Bamboo House. The game of tennis is also played in the room adjacent to it.


If you want to feel like a king and bathe like one, Kund is the place to be. One can swim in a traditional sunken way and feel like the King of Yore.

Tanna Tan

Equipped with Steam, Jacuzzi and Sauna Baths, Tanna is a health club where you will also get Massage facilities.

Beauty Parlor

It is a salon which is equipped completely to meet all your beauty treatment requirements.


12th Miles, Tonk Road, Via Vatika,

Tonk Road, Rajasthan, 303905

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