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Royal Weddings

Every couple looks forward to a well planned and organized wedding that is remembered by all. Planning for your wedding requires a lot of efforts and focus on every key aspect that is related to the wedding affair. Though there are many areas of focus of any wedding but the most important one is the right selection of the venue. As your wedding is a special occasion, therefore it is necessary to opt for a venue that is spacious and exclusive. The selection of the venue depends on the number of guests who will be arriving for the wedding and the kind of arrangement you will be looking forward to.

If you are looking forward to a royal wedding, Chokhi Dhani is the ideal destination. Well known for its lovely ambiance and 5 star services, you can definitely create the right wedding atmosphere that leaves the guests mesmerized. All the customs will be performed well and the couples will love the overall grandeur too.

The Venue

Everyone who is planning for a wedding looks forward to a dream wedding that is organized in a grand style. The venue is certainly an important consideration to ensure that the guests are pleased with the planning of the wedding. One of the finest wedding destinations is Chokhi Dhani which is highly appealing and fascinating too.

Mandap/Wedding Stage Decoration

The wedding stage decoration is an important concern for the people. As all the functions will take place here, therefore it should be decorated according to the wedding theme. At Chokhi Dhani, we understand how special the occasion is and decorate the stage in a lovely yet exclusive style. Royal backdrops will enhance the beauty of the stage.

Wedding Theme

The trend of wedding themes is quite popular and this is the reason that most people look forward to a theme wedding. Some of the themes that you can try are fairyland theme, royal wedding theme, fantasy theme and many more. Chokhi Dhani will select the finest theme to suit your wedding requirements.

The Menu

The delightful menu is also an important part of your wedding. Chokhi Dhani is well known for its traditional cuisines that are delicious and scrumptious. If you want a perfect menu for the wedding, you can rely on the catering services of Chokhi Dhani with a variety of cuisines to impress the guests.

Video and Still Photography

Chokhi Dhani will make sure that you get the best photographer or Videographer for your wedding. As we are tied-up with many excellent and experienced photographers, therefore you can make your event more happening by capturing the special moments in a unique way.

Trousseau & Jewellery

Every bride wants to look just fabulous on the wedding. This is the reason that she chooses the finest trousseau that will enhance her beauty. Buying trousseau at affordable prices is quite difficult, therefore we at Chokhi Dhani try to provide you with the most suitable trousseau that is budgeted, exclusive and stylish. We can also help you in selecting the right jewelry that matches with the wedding dress. Hence you don’t need to run for things but we will arrange everything for you.

The Accommodation

We offer the most lavish accommodation options to suit your requirements. Chokhi Dhani has 8 Haveli suites, 59 cottages and 33 royal cottages; hence you are free to make your selection as per the amenities and the budget. Parking facilities are also made available to the guests and at no additional charges.

Folk Dances

A wedding is incomplete if there is no music or dance. If you want to make your weddings even more interesting and happening, we can organize folk dance performances that will surely add to the charm of the celebration. Nowadays entertainment has become an integral part of the wedding and what could be a better option than the traditional folk dances of Rajasthan. It is not only mesmerizing but you will be carried away with its beauty and the way a vibrant atmosphere is created around. Apart from folk dances, we also offer DJ facilities where you can enjoy and have lots of fun.

Horses and Elephants

If you want to reach the venue in a royal style, we can arrange a horse or an elephant for the bridegroom so that they can make a different entry among the guests. Chokhi Dhani specializes in such affairs.


We will arrange for all kinds of transportation options for the family as well as the guests. Free pick and drop facility are offered so that the guests do not face any problem and can reach the hotel or the venue on time.

Lighting & Decoration

The beautiful lights can definitely enhance the decorations so we at Chokhi Dhani ensure to add the right kind of lights that can create a superb environment. From the selection of the lights to its installation and decoration, everything will be managed by us.


As it is an occasion of happiness, there fireworks are a must. If you want this facility, we will bring the best fireworks that can enlighten the mood and also add a good start to the wedding celebrations.

Floral Decoration

Fresh flowers make the decoration more beautiful and out of the world. At Chokhi Dhani we arrange for the special flowers like orchids, roses, marigold etc that can be used in the decoration. The fresh flowers leave a natural beauty that it just the best.


Though Vidai is an emotional moment but we will make it grand and happy for the couple. You can leave from the venue in a chariot that is drawn by the horses and bid adieu to your parents and the guests. Palki’s can also be used as it is the traditional style for bidding adieu to the daughters.

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