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Everyone is fond of good food and this is the reason that people keep on trying new dishes and cuisines that appear colorful as well as tasty. At Chokhi Dhani, it is our motive to come up with unique cuisines that not only represent the true Indian culture but have a blend of perfect taste and color. The delicious food prepared in Desi ghee is the highlighting feature that catches the attention of the local residents and the tourists.

Bindola Restaurant

This restaurant is highly appealing and captivating to draw the attention of the people. With soft music playing in the background, you can experience a wonderful atmosphere that will take you to a different world. You can explore a wide range of cuisines including the Indian, Chinese and Continental which are the specialties of this restaurant. If you are looking for a superb dining experience, this place will surely offer a great time with the delicious dishes.

Aarogosa Restaurant

The restaurant takes you to the ancient times as it is designed in a royal style to give you a grand feel. The service as well as the warmth of the place will surely admire you and enhance your dining experience.

Chandi Mahal Bar & Sheesha Lounge

The most captivating feature of the Chandi mahal bar is the lovely ceiling which is designed using 100,000 motifs, mirrors, silver work and other glittery stuff that makes it one of the fabulous dining places of Udaipur. You can even try a variety of drinks like the mocktails and juices which are highly popular. The best part is that the drinks section is separate; therefore others may not feel uncomfortable and enjoy their evenings. Even the lighting fixtures are so perfect that the overall atmosphere is very pleasing and attractive enough to seek the attention of the visitors.

You can also explore Sheesha Lounge which is made of beautiful marble and a royal open air look that makes it a well known dining place.

Kesar Kyari:: The Bar-be-que

If you want to try a barbecue dining style, you have come to the right place. Try the tasty sizzlers and kebabs which are just amazing and incredible. Your overall experience will surely be the best and also explore the special hookah bar.


Designed in an exclusive style, Chaupal is one of the most visited restaurants offering an open air experience of eating the tasty food prepared by the chefs. The place is perfect for families and friends.

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