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Victoria Forest

Located within the limits of Bhavnagar City in Gujarat is the sprawling Victoria Forest. Abundant in both vegetation and animal life, the forest is home to several species of trees and birds. The Victoria Forest Reserve is located about 3Km away from the southern part of the city and is located not far away from the Gaurishankar Lake. The Gaurishankar Lake is a popular destination for locals as well as tourists for picnics and outings. It was originally built in 1872 as a reservoir for supplying drinking water.

The Victoria Forest houses two nurseries that are used for cultivating plants for both the garden as well as the forest. The forest spreads over an area of 500 acres (2 sq. Km). The Victoria Forest was founded around 1888 by the Maharaja of Bhavnagar, Maharaja Takhtasinhji. The forest has been created in a triangular shape and is enfolded by roads on all the three sides. The forest was planned under the proficient administration of the then Councillor Mr. Proctor Sins.

The vegetation of the forest consists of scrubby, thorny, spiny and xerophytes. The lakeside views of the park are amazing and the best point of attraction for the visitors. The climate of the area remains hot and humid almost all around the year. This promotes growth of scrubby and thorny vegetation. A number of migratory birds, especially different varieties of waders, perching birds and raptors visit the area during the winter months. The park attracts a number of avid bird watchers and nature lovers.

The Victoria Forest is under threat because of deforestation and with cattle grazing in the area further destroys the saplings. Lately the area of the Victoria Forest is being used for growing exotic species of plants and for planting mango orchards. The forest is presently conserved by the Indian Government. The Victoria Forest is one of the few city-forests in the country.


The Victoria Forest is considered as the oldest man-made forest in India. The forest spans over an area of 500 acres and features several varieties of trees and shrubs. In the heart of the forest is the Krishna Kunj Lake. It is a small marshy ecosystem which attracts several birds both domestic as well as migratory. The vegetation around the lake is thick and consists of both aquatic plants and terrestrial trees. The area of Victoria Forest offers a scenic ambiance and is an excellent point to get one with nature.


The Victoria Forest Park is abundant in both flora as well as fauna. You can easily spot foxes, hyenas, peacocks and various other animals. During the winter months different varieties of birds come to visit the Krishna Kunj Lake. Some of the migratory birds that can be spotted in the area include the wood sandpiper, rosy starling, cranes, grebe, cuckoo, reed-warbler, oriole, white wagtail, shrike, etc.

You can spot waders and swimming birds splashing in the waters and feeding, breeding and nesting comfortably around the lake.

How to Reach

The Victoria Forest is located within easy reach of Bhavnagar and hence finds good connectivity by all means of transport.

By Road

Visitors can board state run buses, coaches or hire a taxi or car rentals to reach the forest. Regular bus services are available from the Bhavnagar bus stand to the Victoria Forest Park. The forest is about 200 Km from Ahmadabad and 790 Km from Mumbai by road.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Bhavnagar Railway Station. From here visitors can get trains to Ahmadabad, Surat, Mumbai and Trivandrum.

By Air

The closest airport to the Victoria Forest is the Bhavnagar Airport. It is a domestic airport that has flights connecting to Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

Best Time to Visit

The forest is located in a semi-arid zone and experiences severely hot summers and cold winters. All around the year the park remains humid and hot but in winters though it is cold but you will get many opportunities of spotting different varieties of birds. The best time to visit the Victoria Forest Park is during the winter months when the migratory birds come to visit the area. Plan your visit between the months of October and March. When visiting the forest, it is important that you follow the basic etiquettes of not carrying sound devices, not getting too close to the birds and not harming any form of nature in the area.

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Victoria Forest
Victoria Forest
Victoria Forest
Victoria Forest
Victoria Forest
Victoria Forest

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