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The Black Hills Kalo Dungar

Significance of the Place

The Kalo Dungar or the Black Hill is the tallest hill point of Kutch and from the top of this place, tourists can get an excellent view of the Great Rann of Kutch that they will never be able is to forget for long. The Kalo Dungar stands tall at 462 m and is situated at about 97km from the main city of Bhuj. This is a place that is quite close to the border of Pakistan, therefore it is only natural to find an army post at the top most portion of the hill. Due to security reasons, only people working in the military are allowed at this point.

Kalo Dungar also houses the Dattatreya temple which is quite famous and very ancient. This temple was constructed around 4 centuries ago and there are two stories floating behind the importance of the temple. Some legends explain that Lord Dattatreya, who was walking along the areas of Gujarat, found the Kalo Dungar and stopped at this place after seeing a group of hungry jackals. He immediately offered himself as a feast to the food-starved jackals. As the animals tore him apart and ate him, it was truly magical to see that the Lord’s body being building up again. As a result of honouring this story, even today and for the past 4 centuries, the local priest at the Dattatreya temple has been offering cooked rice as Prashad to the jackals every evening after the final pujas.

Another story behind this temple is that a holy person, by the name Lakh Guru, an ardent devotee of Lord Dattatreya was residing at Kalo Dungar and he had a practice of providing food to the wild jackals daily. One day, he noticed that he ran out of food and therefore he offered his body parts to the jackals, shouting out “Le Ang” meaning take my body.

Kalo Dungar has been in the news of late because of a weird incident that has been happening in its locality. Drivers of vehicles noticed that at Kalo Dungar, their vehicles automatically hurtled down the hills at 80km per hour even the vehicle’s ignition was not on. They notified the concerned authorities about the same and after doing the initial studies and verification process, members for the state’s Disaster Management Authority is studying about the issue.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to this place is Bhuj. From Bhuj, there are many buses that take the tourists to Kalo Dungar.

By Train

There are two trains which can be used by the tourists to reach this place: one is the Bhuj Express that runs from Bhuj to Ahmedabad and other is the Kutch Express that runs between Bhuj and Mumbai.

By Road

Bhuj is a place that is well connected with luxury and deluxe buses from the main cities like Ahmedabad. The frequency of these buses is quite high and these provide extreme comfort to the passengers.

Related Image

Black Hills Kalo Dungar
Black Hills Kalo Dungar
Black Hills Kalo Dungar
Black Hills Kalo Dungar
Black Hills Kalo Dungar
Black Hills Kalo Dungar

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