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Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the fascinating sanctuaries of India which is just 15 km from Porbandar, This sanctuary is facing Arabian Sea. The area of this sanctuary is basically a reserve forest and was identified as a sanctuary in 1979. It is a nature’s gift as you will find plenty of little water streams, beautiful hilly tracts surrounded by plain lands, flora and fauna. The sanctuary is also surrounded by wastelands and agricultural fields.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is home to birds, mammals and reptiles. This sanctuary houses a number of endangered species like hyena, spotted deer, wolf, crocodiles, leopard, wild boar, blue bull etc. Among the four very common poisonous snakes, three are found here. Some rare and endangered birds like spotted eagles, Crested Hawk and flamingos also come to this sanctuary. Ornithologists love this sanctuary.

Barda was a private property of princely states of Ranavav (Porbandar) and Jamnagar. so local people still call it as Rana Barda and Jam Barda. Though the area had been identified as a Sanctuary and the settlement has been completed in 1979, final notification is yet to come. The Sanctuary is shared between two districts like Jamnagar and Porbandar.

Though area of sanctuary is small, it has floral diversity. Trekking is favourite with tourists at Barda hills. But it requires entry permits given by the forest department. The greenery gives a relief to your eyes and crisscrossing of many streams have a scenic splendour.  This area has two dams - Fodara dam and the Khambala dam which increases the beauty of this sanctuary. The sanctuary has two rivers, the Joghri and Bileshvary. The sanctuary area supports around 750 'maldhari' families in 68 'nesses'. The agricultural fields and wasteland, where water scarcity is the main problem. And these maldhari families encounter this problem throughout summer months. And the green patch of the sanctuary helps to provide ecological balance by improving the water system of the area by restoring the ground water. One can also visit Kileshwar, a temple improved by 'Jamsaheb' of Jamnagar, is a magnificent attraction of this area. Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary range is a green valley, encompassed by timberland and agricultural fields.


The topography of Barda is hilly and the sanctuary is spread over 192.31 square km of land. It is on the altitude ranging from 79.2 m to 617.8 m. above sea level. One can find few delicate slopes with rocks at some places. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 192.31 square km.  Though it doesn’t cover much area, can attract people for its most diverse botanical richness. The two main rivers are Bileshvary and Joghri.


From reptiles to mammals you can find variety of rare and endangered species here. Indian government took an initiative to safeguard Asiatic Lion and as a result this sanctuary was built.

This is home to Spotted Deer, Chinkara, Crocodile, Sambar, Hyena, Chameleon, Wolf, Crested Hawk-Eagle and eagle with spots etc. It boasts of some 650 plant species which include Babul, Gorad, Babul, Rayan, Bamboo, Ber, Dhav, Jamun, Dhudhlo, Amli, etc.

How to Reach

Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is very close to Jamnagar which is 92 km from Rajkot. Therefore it is well connected by road, rail and air.

By Road

There are State transport buses and private coaches linking Jamnagar with other places of Gujarat. One can take a bus from Rajkot or any other place and the bus passes through town while going to the bus stop. To reach at Barda you have to be let off at Bedi Gate.

By Rail

Western Railway has many trains coming to Jamnagar and has direct connections to Ahmedabad too. There is a route station at Porbandar which has joining develops to places like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Rajkot.

By Air

Airport is situated only 10 km from town. One can take a taxi or rickshaw to reach the airport which won’t be very expensive. And there are various domestic airlines connecting Jamnagar to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and the like.

Best Time to Visit

Winter is the best time to go to the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary. From October to December when the weather remains pleasant, is the ideal time to visit this sanctuary. It remains open from morning to evening.

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Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

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