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Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary

This jungle that was erstwhile part of the Princely State of Bhavnagar prior to 1947 is now a declared wildlife sanctuary occupying an area of 18.22sq kms. It got this status in 2004 and since then about a dozen lions with some leopards, spotted deer and blue bulls or nilgais have been spotted here.

The lions by virtue of covering a large area often have the habit of wandering into the Sasan Gir forest due to its proximity and the fact that the boundary is a common one between the two forests. This area is an important passage of transit for animals moving between the forests.

The Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as the Mityala grasslands due to the rough and undulating tracks that are engulfed by tall grass and other semi dry trees of the deciduous kind. This is one of the main reasons why lions can thrive in such conditions as they can hunt by stealth, hidden as they are by the tall grass. To a great extent, this condition in Mityala mimics or mirrors the conditions of Sasan Gir and therefore provides a contiguous area of operation for lions. The chances of them surviving and increasing in numbers are thus greatly enhanced.

The chances of seeing these majestic animals are quite high and that is a great relief because unlike the tiger which is quite a lonesome animal, lions generally move in groups and are not too secretive by nature. On the other hand, it may be difficult to see leopards mainly because of their ability to camouflage themselves as well as the fact that they are quite wary of humans and prefer to keep a distance.

As a responsible tourist, we need to keep in mind that the forest and its denizens need to be treated with respect and therefore we should refrain from making a lot of noise or throw litter. We should also avoid honking, putting on the lights or make sudden movements to scare the animals.


The tall grass, rugged ridges and ravines are ideal for lions and the space within the Mityala sanctuary is sufficient to prevent any conflict between the pride of lions, solitary lions and the leopards. They are able to keep out of each other’s path and since prey too are abundant; all these predators are assured of regular food.

The sanctuary is rich in foliage and other plants which enable herbivores like the deer, nilgais to graze freely. Wild boars too find this type of geography ideal for their movements as they too are able to hide beneath the tall grass to escape predators while they too can feed on plants, reptiles and foliage that are best suited to their food habits.


As mentioned above, this sanctuary has the majestic Asiatic lions, leopards, nilgais, spotted deer, wild boars and other smaller animals as well as reptiles. It is also home to a variety of birds – both local as well as those that come visiting depending on the season.

How to Reach

By Road

Junagadh is just 327 kms away from Ahmedabad, not more than 102 kms from Rajkot, and about 113 kms from Porbandar. It is accessible by ST bus that makes regular runs from all these cities and that is why you find many tourists visiting this sanctuary too when they visit the Sasan Gir sanctuary. Bus is the recommended mode of travel to this place.

By Rail

There are two trains of the express kind with one of them running at night from Ahmedabad to Veraval. This is very convenient for many as they are able to spend the night sleeping and wake up to reach the destination.

Best Time to Visit

The winter is the best time to visit this park as you would be able to then move around in your vehicle for a longer time without feeling the brunt of heat. You may have to wait within the park along with your guide to see the animals and that calls for patience as well as ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Summers may prove to be too dry and the heat may become intolerable.

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Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary
Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary
Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary
Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary
Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary
Mityala Wildlife Sanctuary

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