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Tadhavaj Hill

Tadhavaj Hill of Bhavnagar, Gujarat are a home to caves that were carved into hillside. These caves house Buddhist monasteries and temples dedicated to Lord Buddha. These caves are a national treasure. Carved thousands of years ago, they are exquisite samples of the architecture of those times. The delicate carvings have withstood the onslaught of time admirably and present art form that is engaging and liberating as well. Obviously, the science and art were very highly developed in those times. This is brought out by the fact that such magnificence could be created by tools of those times.

The depictions in the caves are an inspiration to the devout and a delight to the art lovers. It would not be a lie to say these glorious carvings speak out to us the modern day skeptics. They tell us that the indomitable spirit of humans should be used to make the world a better place. The uplifting experience of the eternal teachings of Lord Buddha, the sheer spirituality of the cave temples and the monasteries are awe-inspiring. Even the most hardened cynic will wonder what went into the making of these. The saying “Nothing is impossible”, comes out very strongly here.

On the top of the hill lies the tranquil town of Talaja. Revered as a holy place by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists, it is an important place of pilgrimage of the pious. Of late, there has been a remarkable development as it takes on the mantel of a tourist destination. The atmosphere here is stimulating as it is relaxing.  The impressive Ebhala Mandapa is not to be missed as is the temple of Khodiad Mata. There is a multitude of Jain temples dedicated to Tirthankaras, each a poem in creation.


Tadhavaj Hill is located in the convergence of rivers Shatrunai and Talaji in the prosperous Bhavnagar district of the state of Gujarat.. This place is near Bhavnagar town in Gujarat and is accessible by the local transport. There are private jeeps that go from Bavnagar to Tadhavaj Hill which are the best bet. There is no point in engaging a taxi for the whole day when the total travel time is hardly 3 hours at the most.


In the past, the local wild life was varied, with Blackbucks, Wolves, Jackals, Wild cats, Wild pigs, Hares living in abundance in the forests surrounding this place. Today, to the untrained, sightings in the dwindling forest cover, will be very rare and a waste of time. There are issues of safety also. Most of these species are now sheltered in safe havens like the Black Buck National park. The chances of appreciating and enjoying the varied wild life are much better at these places.

How to Reach

By Road

Bhavnagar is one of the important places in the state of Gujarat. Well connected to the rest of the state, it is at the most a little more than an overnight journey from any part of Gujarat. The choice of travel is again varied starting from seating accommodation in state run buses to deluxe full reclining sleeper air-conditioned bus travel, something to suit every budget.

By Rail

Bhavnagar is the nearest railhead, with many trains to Mumbai and Ahmadabad. What is important is that rail travel requires reservation in advance sometimes months in advance. The chances getting even seating accommodation at the last minute, is very remote and will pose a risk to your travel plans.

By Air

Bhavnagar has a modern airport and is connected to Mumbai and Ahmadabad  through domestic flights. Again, since there are a very limited number of flights, it is an advantage to buy your tickets to and fro early.

Best Time to Visit

This tourist attraction is very special as anytime is a goodtime to visit. Start early reach the hill as the sun comes out. The climb to the top of the hill is very pleasant trek. Once on the top, visit to all the temples can be completed by midday, when the sun is hottest. This is the time to take refuge in the caves. Cool and well lighted by the reflected afternoon light, you can take in all the detail and marvel at the sheer genius of our ancestors. Sundown is your signal to begin your journey down. It is very rare that people leave this place swearing to come back and spend more time. Such is the ambience.

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Tadhavaj Hill
Tadhavaj Hill
Tadhavaj Hill
Tadhavaj Hill
Tadhavaj Hill
Tadhavaj Hill

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