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Royal Wedding In Udaipur

Remarkable are the palaces of Udaipur with their winding halls and interconnecting rooms. Hosting a wedding ceremony in these palaces is a pleasure and a dream come true for the couples. Such a feat is not possible for every couple, who gets married, but they do surely dream of hosting their guests in such ambience. Some of these historic palaces are opening up their gates for non-royalties to conduct their wedding ceremonies inside the premises, to give them a chance to get a memorable celebration. Rajasthan is still visited by lots of tourists to have a glimpse of the beautiful heritage buildings and palaces in its different cities. While tourism is well established in these settings, people are nowadays considering marriages in various cities in Rajasthan.

Among these cities, Udaipur is a popular marriage destination for bringing the factor of romanticism into the wedding ceremony. Seated in the lavishly designed rooms and halls in royal chairs and wearing the bridal dresses like those of the royalties has now become a common thing in royal wedding in Udaipur. This is a city full of palaces and lakes. Renowned as the Venice of the East, due to its lakes and streams, a glittering ceremony is surely possible. To make these weddings possible in Udaipur, not only are there perfect venues, but there are wedding planners and hosts, who are aware about the needs of such people.

About Udaipur as a Place for Tourism

Udaipur is situated amidst the Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar and Udai Sagar, besides many other small lakes. Maharajas ruling this region in the past, belonging to the Mewar dynasty, had built palaces in the middle of these lakes, which still exist in all their grandeur. Regal buildings and gardens around these lakes provide the picturesque settings. These palaces are built in grand designs, with large gardens and sprawling over acres of land. Udaipur also extends beyond its palaces into the wilderness of the deserts and the Mount Abu nearby. This hill station is a much visited tourist site, with lots of Jain temples, which were probably built during the 11th and 13th centuries. A visit to Udaipur will give the tourists a detailed peek into the customs and cultures of Rajasthan. The lifestyle of the royal families is still possible to be seen in this town, where some royalties still continue to live in the palaces built by their ancestors. The Mewar family is one of such royal heirlooms of a few palaces, which are nowadays being converted into marriage venues.

Venues for Marriage in Udaipur

To organise a royal wedding in Udaipur, people can approach a palace of their choice and seek permission from the owners or the relevant authorities. The City Palace Complex which is owned by the Mewar royal family runs the HRH Group of Hotels, which also organises royal wedding in Udaipur in their own palace. It is said that this group of hotels actually started the practice of royal weddings for outsiders in various palace venues in Udaipur. Presently, there are many such venues which can be selected by those who can afford such weddings, to make the occasion memorable.

Jagmandir Palace in Lake Pichola is a great venue for wedding, as it is situated inside the lake. Built in 17th century, it was used as a place for resting for Maharanas of Mewar. Jag Mandir has become a much sought after wedding venue, with its special suites for the guests and couples and the spa and salon facilities for a relaxing time in the complex. Surrounded by the lake water, evening weddings in Jag Mandir are the epitome of romantic weddings. There is the courtyard, gardens, and other places in the palace, where marriages can be organised.

Manek Chowk is a beautiful garden in front of the City Palace, which was used by the maharajas of Udaipur as a resting place. Nowadays, this garden has become a wedding venue in Udaipur. Surrounded by the brightly illuminated palace and the walls, it is a great setting for royal wedding in Udaipur.

Zenana Mahal in Udaipur City Palace is a recently renovated open courtyard, which can be used for marriage ceremonies. Located inside the palace, it is also used for pre-wedding rituals like Sangeet and Mehendi. Built with marble stones and decorated with chandeliers and designer lamps, the Zenana Mahal can make any couple feel like royals.

There are many more palace venues for royal wedding in Udaipur which imbibe a sense of royalty. Some of these palaces have been converted into boutique hotel, thus providing different spaces inside the complex to solemnise the marriage and host reception parties. Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel and Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel are two well known renovated hotels with palatial structures, where weddings are held. Amidst such royal surroundings, a wedding ceremony is sure to be remembered by the couples and every guest, who attends such wedding. It is more out of the need to create something special during the occasion that the royal wedding in Udaipur is becoming a common idea among many Indians as well as foreigners.

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