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Royal Wedding In Samode

Rajput rulers have brought alive the heritage of India in a big way. Their magnanimity is clearly evident from the large number of palaces built across the state, with some cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Udaipur being the centre of such rule. Although, these cities have been well established in the tourism circuit of India, they are also coming up in a big way as the centres for weddings in a royal manner. During the rule of the Rajput kings and other Mughal rulers in India and North Western region, a number of forts and palaces were built. Also, the noblemen in their courts had huge havelis in their names, which were used for residential purposes. Also, there was the concept of hosting social gatherings and parties for other noblemen and their families arriving from neighbouring rules. Such hospitality is still in practice, albeit in a different form. These days, these buildings have become the favourite sites for wedding ceremonies by people all over the country, rather being simply restricted to royal families in Rajasthan. Even, many foreigners are seeking Indian style weddings in venues in various places of Rajasthan.

Samode History and Significance

Lying in the midst of all the tourist activities in Rajasthan, the village of Samode would have been lost in wilderness, had there not been the great Samode Palace and the Mughal styled geometric gardens. Even though the Samode Palace is about 50 kms from Jaipur, it is considered to be part of this capital city of Rajasthan. Well connected by roads, Samode Palace is a favourite destination for weddings.

Samode Palace was built by Rawal Sheo Sinhji, who was the Prime Minister in the court of Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber region of Rajasthan which in present days is known as Jaipur. Ancestors of the king belonged to the famous Kacchawaha Rajput rulers who had ruled the land of Amber since last four centuries. As a result of their influence and interest in the subjects of architecture, there were many beautiful structures which were constructed during this era. One of these was the Samode Palace in Jaipur which is not only an architectural marvel, but was used for recreation by the Rajput rulers of Amber.

Royal Wedding Venue of Samode

Most attractive building in the village of Samode is the royal palace, which is a sheer delight in its architecture. Heritage settings are the hallmark of this particular place. Due to the distance from the town limits of Jaipur, this palace is quite peaceful and getting married in the tranquil surroundings of the mammoth Samode Palace is a pleasure for any couple. During the wedding ceremonies in total Indian style, the guests are enthralled by the grandeur, while the bride and groom cannot have special surrounding for their wedding ceremonies.

Samode Palace is full of suites, royal suites, richly engraved and designed public rooms and the walls are decorated with murals and artwork depicting the glory of the Rajput rulers of India. Swimming pools in the ground floor and another one in the higher level are areas for wedding ceremonies. Adjacent spa centres and Jacuzzi offer the guests some time for a luxurious care of their bodies. For the bride and groom, getting prepared for the wedding ceremony is a luxury beyond comparison.

When the actual wedding ceremony is being conducted in the public halls or the garden or near the swimming pools, the occasion exudes a royal feel. To add to the charm of the evenings, local wedding planners further give importance to the royal wedding in Samode. There are elephants, horses and camels, which accompany the Baraat ceremony, while the folk dancers and singers give a ceremonial welcome to the Baraat. These people are decked up in colourful clothing from Rajasthan's heritage dresses. Some of the guests also like to be decked up all in traditional Rajasthani attires. A magnificent part of the royal wedding in Samode is the grandeur with which the lighting arrangements are made in the palace buildings. Lighting display gives the radiance to the surrounding, wherein the wedding rituals can be conducted.

Samode Bagh Weddings

About 4 kms from Samode Palace is the Samode Bagh, which spreads over an area of 20 acres and comprises of exotic flower species and a small palace. This location can also be the venue for the wedding ceremony, many people opting for the lush green gardens of the Samode Bagh. Attractive feature in the gardens is the pitched up tents, where the guests can stay for their duration of marriage ceremony. Plenty of arrangements of food and decorations can be done by local wedding planners, while interested couples simply have to select the venue for their royal wedding. Under the open sky and the backdrop of an extensively spread out and decorated garden, royal wedding in Samode is something to cherish for a lifetime.

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