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Royal Wedding In Devigrah

More than the interest in the rituals, the brides and grooms are seeking the pleasures of a romantic environment in their marriages. Some of the palaces in Rajasthan are replete with such romantic environment, spurring many people to go for their wedding ceremonies in such locations. Forts and palaces were quite common in the medieval era, when the Rajput rulers held a strong influence in the North Western region of India. In the later years, many parts of this region were taken over by the Mughals, but the concept of building impressive forts and palaces still continued. In most of the cities of Rajasthan, such palaces and massive buildings can still be found. These places have become well known for the grand wedding ceremonies being conducted for couples, belonging to different parts of the country. Royal families, still having their legacy in Rajasthan, usually go for marriages in these buildings, sometimes in forts and palaces owned by them. But, it is amazing to the see the large number of people from non-royal families also showing interest for such royal weddings. Places like Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and various palaces in these towns are the favourite selections for wedding venues. One of these is the choice of Devigarh as a wedding destination.

About Devigarh and History

Devigarh Fort is located about 25 kms from the city of Udaipur, which itself is well-known for the myriad lakes and palaces. This fort is chosen by many couples for their marriages, so that the royal wedding in Devigarh is becoming common. Devigarh Fort was built by Raghudev Singh II in the 18th century. It is the only wedding venue palace in the city of Devigarh, nestled amidst the Aravalli Ranges, providing the place a tranquil and serene environment and cool climate. Making this location perfect for a royal wedding in Devigarh is the charm of the backdrop in which the fort is located.

With 39 suites in total, Devigarh Fort can be the ideal setting for a royal wedding, because of the world class facilities merged with heritage structures and interior decor. Following the concept of Shiva and Shakti, the suites have been designed in golden and rich shades. The suites are a great place for the stay of the couples, with Jacuzzi, swimming pools and other modern amenities. Design of the interiors of Devigarh Fort is laced with semi precious stones, with black marble courtyards and the design concept in form of lotus flower. Sit out areas are present in some of the suites, which provide direct access to the garden area. These gardens have been well maintained with plenty of colourful flowers and green grasses, so that guests can pass of their evenings on these gracious fields. Spa and wellness centres in Devigarh Fort are additional places for the guests to pass a rejuvenating time. There are bars with beautiful decorations and vibrant colours in the dining rooms.

During the royal wedding in Devigarh, the fort, courtyards, fountains and the gardens are all decked up with beautiful lighting arrangements. Not only do these illuminate the bejewelled fort palace, but it also gives a fairytale look to the entire setting. During the evening, which is the time when most of the weddings are conducted, the Devigarh Palace looks nothing short of a brightly light haven, having the Aravalli hill ranges in the backdrop and Delaware City in the far distance. Choice of Devigarh Fort for royal wedding is perfect, because of the various facilities that are available. Room stays can be arranged for all the guests, since there are plenty of suites to accommodate the close friends and relatives. Besides, the best chefs are inducted into the kitchens, where their culinary skills are justified in the sumptuous dinner during the wedding receptions. So, arranging the meals for the reception party is not a problem. In terms of decorations, the wedding planners for the royal wedding in Devigarh do not leave out anything to imagination. The entire palace is decorated in a way, which brings up the princely decorations in the best possible manner. Lights, flowers, mandap decorations and many other requisites are taken care of, in the best way possible. Wedding day of the royal ceremony in Devigarh Fort is one of the best days in the life of the couples, who have chosen to go with the royal wedding in Devigarh.

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