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Royal Wedding In Jodhpur

Colours and costumes of Rajasthan are resplendent in the royal wedding in Jodhpur, as people from local villages present their folk dance and songs, during the ceremony. Adding to this colourful evening would be the glittering lights giving a bright look to the humungous palaces and palace-turned-hotels. These are the venues for the royal wedding ceremonies. For the royal families of Rajasthan, getting married in the palace complexes is common. But, the emerging trend of other people, from outside the state as well as from outside the country, is something that cannot escape from being noticed. It is becoming a common thing for wedding ceremonies to be organised in different cities of Rajasthan. Much of this trend is because of the presence of large number of unique and picturesque forts and palaces. Cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and few others have become the venues for marriages, especially for people from outside the state.

Reasons for Getting Wedded in Rajasthan Locales

Plenty of couples are planning their weddings in cities of Rajasthan, as they find these locations to provide an exotic backdrop. From tourism point of view, Rajasthan is an often chosen place for people from all over the country. They come here to bask in the glory of the ancient, medieval and royal India, when the Rajput and Maharanas were ruling the area. Under their rule, a number of monuments of historic importance, such as forts, palaces, lakes and architecturally brilliant structures were erected. These rulers had great sense of architectural beauty and they planned their cities around these forts and palaces. Till the present day, these buildings retain their sheen with the backdrop of Thar Desert and blue coloured houses. Marking these palaces are their gardens, which are well maintained with greenery. In day time, these forts create a mammoth impression amongst the guests. In the evenings, these structures turn into brilliantly lighted facades of artistry. When the couples are thinking about royal fervour in their weddings, these locations can be the best, adding forever memories to this special occasion in their life.

Even though a number of brilliantly designed and sculpted cities are found in Rajasthan, Jodhpur occupies a special place for wedding ceremonies. Its location along the border of the Thar Desert further makes it look like paradise. Landscape of Jodhpur is festooned with brightly coloured houses and blue tinged roofs, giving it the nickname of Blue City of Rajasthan. Apart from this, there are various forts and beautifully landscaped boutique hotels, which serve as the best places for royal wedding in Jodhpur. Desert dunes and camel safaris make the visit to Jodhpur an important memory for all those guests, who come here to attend the weddings. More and more people are checking out these locations for their wedding, to add the attractive royal touch to their marriages, by conducting the total ceremony in this city of Rajasthan.

Various Possible Venues for Weddings in Jodhpur

Interested couples for royal wedding in Jodhpur can nowadays get their dreams fulfilled because of the large number of destinations in this second largest city of Rajasthan. These are usually the forts and palaces, built during the medieval era in India, when Rajputs and Maharajas ruled the land. During their reign, these palatial structures were constructed, with plenty of rooms and large halls. Nowadays, these halls and rooms are used for marriages, while a few of these palaces have been converted into boutique hotels, which still give a feel of the yesteryears. Even though a lot of changes have not been done in the designs of these palaces, these have been added and decked up with modern designs. After renovation works, they look as grand as the modern day star hotels, but retain the nostalgic feeling of the olden days of Rajput rulers.

More than 90 rooms are available in Umaid Bhavan Palace, which is erected among the verdant expanse of greenery over an area of more than 25 acres. Staying in these rooms and getting married in Indian style in the halls is surely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. Guests can be well entertained with luxurious meals of any menu, as decided by the families.

Taj Mahal Hari is another wedding venue in Jodhpur which is spread over an area of 6 acres. Interiors and gardens are designed in the Mughal architecture and splendour, which is sure to fascinate the senses. Royal feel of this boutique hotel is something that is hard to be missed, which is further revamped during the wedding decorations.

Rajput charm is archetypal in the heritage hotel of Ajit Bhawan Palace, which belongs to the era of Umaid Bhawan. Everything about this construction is in princely style, this also being the first heritage hotel in India. Even though it might look like a palace, the interiors have been finely decorated with modern arts and decor, allowing a modern day royal wedding in Jodhpur.

Many other hotels and palaces in Jodhpur are also the venues for royal wedding in Jodhpur, which are being chosen by couples from all over India. The trend is on the rise to get into wedlock in such surroundings, because it is a special ceremony for the bride and groom and the guests get a taste of the royalty by being important part of such palatial weddings.

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