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Royal Wedding In Jaisalmer

Wedding planners and couples these days are coming up with itineraries wherein the marriage ceremonies are planned in exotic locales and touristic sites. It is not uncommon to get a wedding invitation to attend a friend’s or relative's marriage in Kerala houseboats along the backwaters or at the beach resorts in western and eastern coasts or in hill stations of north and south India. Choosing such locations is getting common because people want to celebrate this occasion of their wedding in places where the scenic beauty is breathtaking and related with some sort of historical anecdotes. To make it possible for such features to work, forts and palaces in Rajasthan can be great wedding venue ideas.

Rajasthan as a Favourite Wedding Venue, with Jaisalmer providing the Biggest Charm

For a lot of tourists from India, as well as from foreign countries, their India darshan is not over unless they have visited the historic sites in Rajasthan's cities. There are places like the capital city of Jaipur, others like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner and so on. These cities carry along a rich legacy of the erstwhile Rajput and Mughal rulers in form of large buildings and palaces, many of which still stand tall and imposingly. There are historic forts and palaces and other architectural monuments, closely knitted with a rich legacy, besides some sightseeing places and other wildlife parks. Most of the cities have the mark of the rulers of yesteryears in the buildings. Many of these palaces and havelis have now been converted into hotels, which allow tourists to stay in these places and get a direct feel of the architectural grandeur and hugeness of the legacy. With such a backdrop in Rajasthan cities, it is not very surprising that people from all over the country, as well as from many foreign countries, are choosing Rajasthan as the place for their weddings.

Marrying in a wedding ceremony held in the locations of the palaces and courtyards of palaces is nothing short of getting the feel of a prince or princess. Royal wedding in Jaisalmer is being sought by many couples, because they want to have a different experience in this Gold City of India. When the marriages are conducted, there are plenty of functions and ceremonies which are attended by local folk artists to add the much required stately feeling to the occasion. During these weddings in the city of Jaisalmer, people can choose to have the wedding ceremonies, dinner and the reception parties in the different palaces. Some cities in Rajasthan are highly in demand for their splendour, but Jaisalmer tends to beat many other cities in this particular aspect.

Jaisalmer can easily be called as the princely state of the region and is termed the Golden City, because of the presence of the city on the ridge with yellow sandstone material. This city is lined by many forts and palaces and various ornately crafted Jain Temples. Located in the midst of the Thar Desert, it is commonly dotted with houses and large havelis, with exquisite designs and architecture of Mughal and Rajput era. Due to its location in the Thar Desert, it might appear to be remote from the larger cities, but this landscape also gives a full-fledged culture of its own. Walled township, enclosing a number of fortresses and palaces makes Jaisalmer a favourite spot for various wedding ceremonies. During these ceremonies, not only are the forts selected for the ceremonies, these functions are possible to be graced by the artists of folk songs and dances. Besides that, the royal wedding in Jaisalmer could be prepared in a grand manner, befitting a royal treatment.

In Jaisalmer, the forts and palaces have been renovated and refurbished as important hotel destinations for the guests. In these settings, there are plenty of venues, including the palaces, fort complexes and their courtyards.

Fort Rajwada is an ideal location for royal wedding in Jaisalmer. Spread over about 6 acres of land, the historic building has various amenities to arrange a modern day wedding. Captivating rooms with superb interior designing, gives the surrounding a very soothing experience for the guests as well as to those who are marrying. Its lawn area can be booked, or people can book the largest halls in the palace. This is nowadays converted into a heritage hotel for royal wedding in Jaisalmer. Other well known wedding venues are the Gorbandh Palace, Narayan Niwas and Jawahar Niwas. In these venues, guests will find a perfect blend of the new era architecture and the paintings and arrangements done in the palaces. These can be planned out as celebrations of the nuptial knot take place in different venues in Jaisalmer. During their attendance in the royal wedding in Jaisalmer, the guests also feel like royals, much because of the traditional culture being followed in attire, music, colour arrangements and various other features.

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