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Kathputli Dance

The name itself says that this dance is of puppets and is a very popular entertainment in Rajasthan in melas and festivals. This is considered to be a very expressive form of dance of all the theatrical forms.


Some have stated that this dancer form is the oldest form of dance and the tribes of Rajasthan have been presenting and performing this dance form since the ancient times and has become an eternal part of the culture of these people. Every fair, gathering and celebration has this dance form displayed. As per the records, some 1500 years ago, the tribal people started using Kathputlis as string marionette and this dance form is made on stories and folk tales. The Bhat community that started this art form claim to have performed in front of the royal and well to do families and have received their share of prestige and honor from Rajasthan. After Ghoomar, this art is the most asked for in Rajasthan and many organisations in Rajasthan are working towards preserving this ancient dance form. There is a Kathputli colony in New Delhi where the many puppeteers, acrobats, magicians and dancer have settled since half a century.

Performance of Kathputli Dance

For this dance form, a small stage is made where the puppeteers display their story through Kathputlis with ballads. Many sound effects and interesting stories are weaved to engage the audience and provide quality entertainment. Their hands make those kathputlis dance on every tune and beat and are performed during any fair or festivals in Rajasthan.

This is considered as a travelling form of dance and tales of love and other emotions are displayed with high pitch sounds and the puppets move and swirl during the course of performance.

Kathputli Dance Elements

Rajasthan is famous for this dance form of Kathputlis and is an age old tradition. Ballads are used to narrate and display the stories. These people travel, from one place to another just to perform this art and get money for their living. Tales of chivalry, love, romance and other emotions are displayed with the help of these puppets.

Different puppets like Rod puppets, gloved puppets and shadowed puppets are used in this form.

Occasions for Kathputli Dance

This dance form is very common and famous during weddings, festivals, fairs and other occasions of celebration and happiness.

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