Drum Dance

Rajasthan is famous for its rich cultural heritage. Be it dance, music, forts or historical monuments, this state has never failed to marvel its tourists. Drum Dance has always amazed people from all over the world. It is a professional dance form that originated at Jalore in Rajasthan.

The dance is performed by five men with big drums round their necks and cymbals in their hands. This troupe of musicians is accompanied by a male dancer. The dancer puts a naked sword inside his mouth and juggles three painted sticks or uncovered swords simultaneously. He takes enough precautions so as to not get hurt. It definitely is a marvellous sight to watch him perform that showcases his skill and expertise in the dance form.

Drum dance is famous because it is performed with swords and considered one of the oldest too. Women are seen dancing to the tune of the men playing the drums or dhol. The tempo gradually increases that makes it very exciting to watch. The dancers similarly have to match up to the beats. Along with the drums men may also play brass plates also known as thalis.


The dance forms of Rajasthan are believed to have been borne out of rural traditions and customs. Drum dance showcases the usage of drums and swords in the form of dancing as practised by the ordinary rural men of the state. It has simply originated due to the daring nature of the native people. They wear vibrant and colourful costumes that add beauty to their performance. The Thar Desert happens to be the centre stage where they showcase their talent with the setting sun in the backdrop.

Performance of Drum Dance

The popular traditional dance of Rajasthan is performed with a beautiful folk music in the background with the help of dhol, nagada, dholak and drum. The women dance to the rhythm given by people playing the drums. The drummers gradually increase the pace of the music with which the dancers have to match their dance steps.

The performers wear colourful Rajasthani dresses. This makes the performance even more beautiful. A person sitting in the audience can’t help but tap his feet to the rhythm of the music. The audience will be enthralled as the performers put up a splendid performance.

Drum Dance Elements

Drum dance, as the name signifies, is performed to the rhythm given by the beats of dhol, nagara, drum and dholak. It makes use of an uncovered sword that the dancer puts inside his mouth while juggling three other sticks or swords. Drumming instruments are used in order to make the background music even more pleasant. The musicians may use huge wooden drums or dhols for the same purpose.

Occasions for Drum Dance

The Drum dance is performed by skilled dancers of Rajasthan during any festival or marriages in the state. Although there is no restriction on when the dance can be performed but it is generally performed during big events like marriages and festivals.

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