Fire Dance

Fire Dance is an enchanting art form, which is popular in the desert regions of Rajasthan. It is a traditional folk dance that depicts the style of living of the Jasnathis belonging to Churu and Bikaner districts of Rajasthan. It is one of the oldest and most difficult dance forms and therefore performed by skilled dancers only. People belonging to Banjara community are usually seen performing this dance.

The dance portrays tantric powers possessed by Jasnathis. Drum beats set the background music as Jasnathi boys and men jump into the fire to drum beats. They perform breathtaking stunts with fire. The dancers hold fire rods in the hand and take sips of kerosene and keep it in their mouths. The stunts performed by the dancers will give you goose bumps. The dancers move the fire rods on their legs and heads as well. The dancers never fear death and they perform with the belief that they are protected by a divine power.

A large ground spread with live charcoal and wood forms the stage for such a dance form. The performance takes place on a huge bed of flaming coal that is considered to be the main attraction of the performance.


Origin of the various dance forms of Rajasthan is mainly attributed to rural customs and traditions. Fire dance is performed by a selective section of the population of Rajasthan, namely Banjara community. It has originated with the belief that performers posses tantric powers and while they perform they are protected by a divine power. It is considered to be the most difficult dance form but interestingly, performers never get any blisters due to the fire.

Performance of Fire Dance

Dancers swing to the rhythm of drum beats as the tempo increases gradually. At one point of time it reaches at crescendo. At this moment the dancers are in a trance like state. The large bed of flaming coals on which they dance deserves a special mention.

This dance form presented by Banjara community includes breathtaking stunts. They dance around the fire, while the dancer also has two flamed sticks in hand. He throws the kerosene that he holds in his mouth over the lamps. Dancers reach a near-hypnotic state as the tempo of the drum beats increases. The performances are considered to be devotional. U will be amazed to see how men and women of Rajasthan perform this dance with grandeur and without any fear.

Fire Dance Elements

This dance form makes use of flaming sticks. A troupe of musicians plays the drums to set a rhythm for the dancers. Rajasthani folk music is played with nagada, dhol and dholak. The dancers perform around the fire on a bed of flaming coal. They wear traditional colourful clothes to make the performance even more attractive and brighter.

Occasions for Fire Dance

You can witness this dance form at the desert areas of Rajasthan during festivals like Janmashthami and Holi. People from all over the world come to Rajasthan to see fire dance. It’s usually performed during the winter season.

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