Gair Dance

Gair is one of the most famous folk dances of Rajasthan popularized by Bhil community. This dance is performed only by men. Dandi Gair and Geendad are variations of this dance popular in Marwar and Sekhawat regions of Rajasthan respectively.

Gair Dance Performance

In its simplest version this dance involves the performance of half swirls by men. Depending on the proficiency of dancers, it can also involve varied complex patterns. Dancing to traditional folk music, these dancers move in and out of a big circle moving alternately in a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction holding wooden sticks that they strike to the beat of music. The striking of sticks and tempo of music build up an exciting and maddening frenzy that is both a feast to the eyes and ears to the one watching this amazing spectacle.

Gair Dance Elements

Gair dance is accompanied by traditional music of the land. One among the many popular songs that dancers swing to is “Phagun Aayo Re”. The background score that is associated with this dance is characterized by musicians playing the dhol, nagada and dholak. This dance is visually appealing as men are dressed in colorful and long pleated tunics that open into long skirts. These dancers of Bhil community often carry sticks, swords and arrows.

Gair Dance Occasion

Considered as a popular entertainment, Gair Dance does not need any specific occasion for performance. However, it is popularly performed during festivals. This dance is generally performed during Holi. Gair dancers take centre stage on the festival of Janmaashtami too.

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