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Jhoria Dance

The meaning of Jhoria is a wooden stick and this dance form is basically performed on marriage ceremonies. The men and women both enthusiastically perform this dance form and are associated mainly with the Bhils.

Two separate circles are formed by the men and women in the dance with the wooden sticks in their hands. The musical instrument dhol is used in this dance form where they dance to the beats. Also Nagara and Shehnai are also used to produce music during the performance. A lot of energy is needed to do this dance.


Rajasthan has a rich cultural heritage and the dances are very interesting and engaging where one ends up tapping a foot or two while seeing all the enthusiastic men and women perform. This dance form is mainly related to the Bhils and has been a part of the culture since ancient times.

Performance of Jhoria Dance

The men and women make separate circles ad perform while holding the wooden stick in their hands. Drums, nagaras and the shehnai are used to produce the catchy and soulful music which engages the eyes and the ears of the audience.

Jhoria Dance Elements

The costumes are very common like any other Rajasthani folk dance like the lehenga, Angarkhi and a beautiful dupatta with a lot of mirror work, embroidery. Beautiful traditional metal jewellary is worn by the women performing the dance form.

The men wear tightly worn dhotis with their bandi and a turban complineting their outfit.

Occasions for Jhoria Dance

This dance depicts happiness and occasions and is mostly performed on weddings and marriages where the women and men dress up enthusiastically and present this dance form full if energy and zest.

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