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The Gir National Park is the most visited tourist attraction in Gujarat. The Park is home to some of the rarest species of lions that are housed here. The Asiatic lions and the other varieties of lions that are almost rare and extinct in other part of the country and globe are found in plenty here and this is precisely why the place attracts loads of visitors every day. The best way to roam around the park is through a Jeep Safari. Most of the tourists who come here love to take this safari, as this is the best way to have absorb the beauty and the majestic pride of lions in the park.

Why Take the Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari takes the tourists through the wild, adventurous and exciting route though the forests. This Jeep Safari is sure to give tourists give some spine-chilling experiences as they get to spot the natural beauty of the lions in their original habitats. This way, neither the lions are not disturbed in any way, nor are the tourists exposed to any danger. Only tourists who have the prior permission of Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge Office are allowed to take the Jeep Safari. The jeeps have open tops and provide an excellent experience for the tourists who can view the Asiatic lions and other rare kinds of animals through these jeeps. The tourists who undertake Jeep Safaris during the times of dusk and dawn are lucky because, they are the ones who have a high chance of spotting these majestic lions. While on the Jeep Safari, it is also comfortable for the tourists to click pictures to be shown to posterity.  The management and administration of the Gir National Park arranges for the Jeep and other tourist guide details.

What Can you See on a Jeep Safari?

While on the Jeep Safari, tourists can have a lovely view of the rare varieties of Asiatic lion and the Ass. In addition to this, the interesting flora and fauna growth of on the Gir National can also be enjoyed as tourist go on the exotic Jeep Safari. The view of the proud lions of Gir not only makes the tourist feel absolutely happy, but also makes them feel absolutely thrilled, excited, scared and grateful at the same moment.

Timings and Charges of the Jeep Safari

Tourists will be pleasantly surprised to note that the Jeep Safari is available on the all the day of the week from Sunday to Saturday. The Jeep Safari is available in three batches of three hours each; one in the early morning slot of 6AM to AM, the second in the afternoon slot of 9AM to 12 noon and the third in the evening slot of 3PM to 6PM. It is not advisable to venture into the forests after 6, therefore this is the last batch of safari for the day. The charges are around ₹3500 for Indians and ₹7000 for foreigners to take a trip around the Gir National Park through the Jeep Safari.  These charges include admission, vehicle and guide charges.

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Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari

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