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Horse Safari

Horse Safari – A wonderful Experience

While in Gujarat, tourists must never miss the lovely horse safari experience that the state offers.  Gujarat has many places where there are lovely and royal tours available on horse safaris. They are Ahmedabad, Danta, Dasada, Wankaner, Gondal and Vadodara. Tourists are treated like royalty on these horse safaris and they are sure to carry back some wonderful memories when they go back from the place. Horse safaris are one of the major attractions of the state that brings lots of domestic and international tourists to the state every year. The horses used in most of the safaris are Marwari; therefore there is no dearth of comfort and luxury for the riders as these were the horses that were used by Kings and princes during the early days.

What do Riders Get to See?

While on a horse safari, riders get to enjoy the rural areas of the state; parts which are not often seen or those are usually not travelled to through the other modes of transport. The less-seen rural areas are rich in culture and history as riders get to spot remote villages, historic forts and monuments, very ancient temples and palaces of erstwhile rulers etc. This is truly a great experience to know about the rich culture and magnificence of Gujarat. The main objective of horse safaris is to expose the tourists to the culture and heritage of the state and it would only be apt to say that these safaris are doing their job perfectly well.

Features of a Horse Safari

Riders on the Horse Safari are introduced to all ecological means of living as only natural ingredients are used for cooking and living.  Most of the horse safaris arrange for overnight camps, where the guests can stay and enjoy the local culture. The camps are usually arranged in the most remote villages or serene landscapes of the state so that tourists get to absorb the beauty in its fullest form. Tourists have nothing to worry as the camps are fully equipped with all the basic essentials like bedding, pillows, blankets and private spaces for the tourists to store their personal possessions. All these tents are thoroughly ventilated so that there is enough air circulation inside the tent. The bathrooms are also well-maintained and stocked with all the necessary toiletries.

A horse safari lasts for around 5 to 6 hours. Riders can either pack the lunch that they have cooked themselves in the kitchen or can depend on the organisers for the same. The horse safari stops at many places all through the trip at major tourist attractions, to give time to the riders to view and click photos of the same. During each night of the horse safari, riders can get to enjoy varied cultural programs like folk dances, puppet shows, dance dramas etc. To ensure the safety of the tourists, there are only around 2 to 10 riders per trip with at least two professional guides. Tourists who visit Gujarat between September and April should definitely try the Horse Safari to understand the local flavour of the place.

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Horse Safari
Horse Safari
Horse Safari
Horse Safari
Horse Safari
Horse Safari

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