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Vibrant culture of Gujarat is well known in the costumes, delicacies, sightseeing places and variety of historical sites. People in Gujarat follow their tradition with uncanny sincerity and indulge in their values to the core. For this reason, the mark of folk events is seen in most places in Gujarat. Located towards the Gulf of Kutch and Arabian Sea are few areas which have deep influences of traditional Gujarati culture and customs even today. Rann of Kutch is specifically an area in this belt which is known for the vast expanses of salt extending over an area of about 16,000 sq kms. Apart from the monsoon season, this area remains arid with the salt deposits only, offering a shiny bright and white expanse for camel riding or passing time inside the tents.

Camel Safari on the Rann of Kutch

Approach this Kutch desert through the village of Dhorodo situated about 86 kms from Bhuj. This route is presently being developed by Gujarat Government as the Gateway to Rann of Kutch. From Dhorodo, or nearby Hodka, tourists go on camels across the vast salt deserts by getting accommodations at these places. Besides this, stay in makeshift tents is also offered by local dwellers for tourists on camel safari to the Rann of Kutch.

Visiting Kutch

Best time to visit Rann of Kutch is from October, when the salt areas start drying up, till March, after which it gets quite hot in the region. During full moons and evenings, cultural programs and folk music and dance festivals are held for the guests. Rann Utsav, held every year by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat, is the perfect occasion to go through the different sightseeing places in Rann of Kutch.

Visiting Kutch is possible by getting permits from Indian and state government, as it is close to Pakistan Border. In Bhuj, these permits can be obtained. For viewing the splendour of Kutch salt desert, camel safari is a great way. But, apart from this option, the Kalo Dungar or Black Hill offers a strategic view of the entire landscape of Kutch going off into the horizon. Kalo Dungar is located in the island of Pachcham Bet, an island having Rann on three sides and grassland of Banni on the south. Dattatreya Temple on this hill is an unforgettable view.

Nearby Areas for Flora and Fauna

Through various regions in Rann of Kutch, tourists can have a view of the rich blend of deciduous forests and the wetlands in the area. Major portions of these landscapes with forested regions have been turned into sanctuaries for some rare species of birds and animals. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Wild Ass or Khur Sanctuary in Little Rann near Dhangadhra and Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the important places for watching of birds and animals.

Craft and Arts

Shoppers can have a gala time going through the myriad shops and temporary stalls built in the region of Dhorodo and Hodka. Local artisans have traditional Gujarati dresses and handicrafts on show which are well lighted in the nights for clear visuals of the intricate works. Textiles are highly popular where Ajrakh block printed fabrics, shawls and rugs of cotton, Batik, Bandhani and embroidery patterns can be seen. It is not without taking up some memorabilia that tourists return from the camel safari in the bright moonlight deserts and the cultural shows along the safari path.

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Camel Safari
Camel Safari
Camel Safari
Camel Safari
Camel Safari
Camel Safari

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