Safaris In Gujarat

Gujarat is a well known area for birds which migrate from all round the world. It is the only place where Asiatic lions and wild asses are found.The schedule of the tour package is fabulous because it takes tourists to the amazing Rann of Kutch with desert salt flats and scrubs. Besides, southern coast of the Gulf and Princely town of Gondal provides amazing opportunity to the tourists for bird sightings.The lakes along with a private grassland of Maharaja estate provide a serene environment to guests who are mesmerized by the birds chirping in the background.  Deciduous forest of Gir is appropriate for adventure because it consists of rich grasslands and vegetation. Travelling through highways of the state is a breeze for tourists because they are considered to be the best in country.

Safari: A Wonderful Experience

Humongous expanse of land forms an integral part of the Rann of Kutch. Travelling in an open jeep is a refreshing experience for tourists due to the impeccable sunrise and sunset. Experiencing wild life in natural habitat introduces people to the behaviour of animals. Enthralling adventure requires people to stay for about 3 days and relish the flora as well as fauna of this place.  Morning and evening trips are organized in mini coaches where people can sit in amazing comfort. They would watch the magnificent beasts and other animals.

Safari in Gujarat

The primary aim of the safari is to promote tourism in state by moving on to the rural landscape. Camping is a wonderful activity in which people participate in touring the forest and countryside. They enjoy the different secrets of Mother Nature and use the tent for resting.Generally, campers lie down under the canopy of stars in night and brave fight against cold.Sometimes the organizers use camping as a cheap form of accommodation for the people who attend open air events.People who participate in the race also camp during night with minimalist equipments when they are tired.

Luxury camps are quite popular in Gujarat and preferred by a large number of celebrities as well as honeymooners.There is more than a dozen of them offering a range of facilities to the campers. Camel ride during the evening is an eye opener for people because they can listen to the piper’s music reverberating through the environment.Guests are served with tandoori snacks and local dancers entertain them to the hilt. As a tourist, if you want to explore the unchartered territories of bhuj, it is time to use camping as a preferred mode. There are many places where tourists provide options of camping. Some are dasadu, bhuj and Sasan Gir which offer a golden opportunity to experience the amazing hospitality of Gujarat. Interacting with local people introduces a traveller to the rich culture and diverse lifestyle. Safari is one of the major attractions providing the kitchen caravan style to people. Numerous delicacies created from local fresh food products are provided to them which are relished by their palettes. The breakfast comprises of cereals, yogurt along with croissants and other essential food items. They are procured at each city stop in an impeccable manner. Majority of dinner is served in the form of buffet and is replenished with dal, nans, roti as well as raita. Whilst camping during the night, you will be offered sumptuous vegetarian dinner bundled with other types of food.

Safaris of Gujarat

Jeep Safari

Roaming in jeep would offer an amazing way for you to understand rural life of the state. People have continued living in the same tradition as their predecessors. Safari unravels the secrets of these places which are not frequented by the general population. Open jeep would be the best alternative for tourists during winter time when cool breeze blows. While wading through the dense forest and villages, one would come across people with diverse culture and traditions.They live in isolated villages which are located in close proximity to the fort ruins and temples.

During the safari, you would be provided an opportunity to interact with villagers and learn the intricacies of their lifestyle. You will be bowled over by the warmth of local people and their hospitality.Raikas is a shepherd community which lives in the villages and rears goat, camel and sheep. They are quite conservative and their income depends on the pastoral population.Farmers and weavers continue to produce some of the best handicrafts and potteries that are admired by the tourists.

Camel Safari

Desert safari can be accomplished on a jeep or camels swaying from side to side during the journey. Camel safari can extend from one to three days and offers a better overview of the golden landscape. The guest is seated on front seat and camel rider takes the pillion position. Therefore, tourists are in a better position to guide the camels without any problem and can take wonderful photographs.

Passing around dasada, the travelers would come across Muslim and the Rajput villages which are now abandoned.Flock of sheep and goats could be seen along with the wildlife.

While riding the camels, people should wear clothes with loose fitting. Guests would be able to ride the camel easily after a day. The safari extends from 5-7 hours and cover about 40-50 kilometres. There are many stoppages in between for tea and snack refreshments at friendly villages.During the night's sleep, the camel drivers could be encouraged to sing their folk songs in an amazing manner.

Tented Camping Theme

At the camp, tourists are welcomed like kings where musical performance is delivered by the local artists. A huge vermillion is applied to the forehead by the lehenga clad girls and drum beats are heard in the background. The tent at the camp is equipped with a verandah, a single bedroom and an attached bathroom. Sleeping area can be protected with curtains and the mosquito nets. Early in the morning a camel ride to the nearby sand dunes is a welcome retreat for the tourists. They can watch the wonderful sunrise in its traditional glory and hospitality.


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