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The Lang Library

Based in Rajkot, Gujarat, Lang Library has a rich collection of Gujarati literature because of which it has gained eminence across the state as well as nationally. This library has an enviable and desirable assortment of Gujarati and Kathiawadi literature. Some of these are bound in leather covers and some older books available here are made of handmade paper and written with gold.

The library holds more than 3 lakhs books along with a good collection of some recently launched e-Journals and e-Books. This makes Lang Library the best option for those with a keen interest in Gujarat literature. The library adds thousands of recent published books each year and subscribes to hundreds of printed journals and periodicals on a variety of subjects. A storehouse of books, periodicals and journals, this library is situated in the great Jubilee Gardens.

Lang Library strives to meet the needs and interests of all its visitors. Therefore, it has a wide assortment of different types of books and journals so that people of all ages and interest can gather authentic information from here. Additionally, there are many other sub sections in the library where visitors can look for reference books on their subjects of interest. The library has a spacious reading room and another large room for reference and fictional material. The material available at the library connects to the colonial and expatriate era.

The Lang Library plays a very crucial role in promoting reading and knowledge in Rajkot. The prosperous heritage of the library is preserved in its collection of books, which add value to the readers’ interests.

Texts Available at Lang Library

  • Reference material
  • Fiction
  • Educational
  • Language books
  • Management book

… and many more.

The form of Materials Comprises

  • Books
  • eBooks
  • Newspapers
  • e-journals
  • Maps
  • Films
  • Photographs

Useful Information

Library Timings: Morning 8:00 to 12:30; Afternoon 03:30 to 08:00

Book Issue Timings: Morning 09:00 to 11:00; Evening 05:00 to 07:00

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The Lang Library
The Lang Library
The Lang Library
The Lang Library
The Lang Library
The Lang Library

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