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Gujarat University Library

Gujarat University situated in the city of Ahmedabad and is one of the most famous universities in India. After construction of the building in March 1967, this university moved to a new location. At present the library is blessed with more than 300,000 books. Apart from the aforesaid documents it stocks different types of e journals that help people in getting more information. As a part of its ongoing expansion program, this library incorporates 5000 books and is a subscriber to different printed matter on various subjects. The library is known to be a store house of information because many books pertaining to different subjects are stocked here. Apart from the central library, there are small libraries catering for the schools and other institutions. Students can find relevant information once they arrive at the place. Central library is a hub providing books to different departments and the school on a long term basis. It has a huge area and could accommodate more than 600 people. People who are not able to commute to the central library could travel to hajipur and Sarspur which are venues for smaller libraries.

Different Aspects of Library

  • The materials along with manuscripts, books, journals are organized and managed by the library so that people could search in an easy and hassle free manner.
  • E resources are acquired for research work and providing information to the students.
  • All kinds of books are offered to students without any issues.
  • New technologies are being adopted to classify and segregate different genre of books. The books are organized in a form of bibliographies that act as references for the readers to find more information.
  • The library initiates coordination with different departmental heads to design program and teaching curriculum according to the requirements and specifications of the university.
  • Study materials are prepared pertaining to different regions under the aegis of area studies development.
  • The library plays a crucial role in calling a meeting of the scholars and students together so that information could be disseminated among them through these books. It would create a healthy environment of curiosity and knowledge.

Present Development

The Gujarat University has aligned with SODHGANGA which is a store house of Indian electronic dissertation projects. It is headed by Jagdish Arora, the director of the INFLIBNET center. The contract was signed in the presence of Gujarat educational minister and about 61 PHD theses pertaining to different subjects were uploaded on the online website, so that scholars from all over the state could access them freely.

Gujarat library has taken giant strides in the field of automation. It has simplified the procedure of accessing the books to students and research scholars. People can easily sift through the 300,000 bibliographical databases for more information by using the WEBOPAC technologies. All e journals and e books are available to the students for getting more information.

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Gujarat University Library
Gujarat University Library
Gujarat University Library
Gujarat University Library
Gujarat University Library
Gujarat University Library

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