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Vidhyapith Library

The Vidyapith Library was designed along with its university body, the Gujarat Vidyapith University. Since the stating of the foundation of Vidyapith University in 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi, the Central Library has grown over the years to maintain one of the richest collections of books, manuscripts, journals and magazines in Gujarat. The library is open for all 364 days in a year. The one day it is closed is on the Vikram Samvat’s first day.

The library offers membership to public in general at a small fee. The library has around 36, 864 members in the year 2005-06. The Vidyapith Library is the statutory referral library of Gujarat when it comes to copyright studies. By the year 2005, the library had a collection of 1,08,636 books related to copyright. The library has a collection of 6,01,730 books, 382 journals, 38 newspapers and 691 manuscripts. It is able to cater to the needs of multifaceted people who come for referrals either as students or as teachers.

The library is divided into many sections, some of them being the main library hall, along with one section each for referrals, journals and copyright. There is a separate study section and hall for Gandhian studies, magazines and children’s section. The library maintains a reading hall as well.


  • To collect journals, books and manuscripts and organize them in the right manner for rendering referral help to the students.
  • To offer great reading copyrighting material for the use of teachers and students
  • To find new ways of categorizing, discriminating and classifying of the books, making new checklists,  and offering the services demanded by the readers
  • To render knowledge resources to students as well as teachers from the university or out of the university
  • To arrange study material for every section of the university proper development of the areas.
  • To keep the university faculty updated with the activities of the incoming and outgoing books, and offer the students with great knowledge, research and curious reading habits.

Facilities Offered

  • Referral services
  • Reading services
  • Manuscripts for studies
  • Reference services
  • Literature reading services
  • Journal services
  • Syllabus services
  • University studies related services
  • User oriented services as a teacher or student
  • Books of Gandhian style

Present Scenario

Vidyapith library is a repository of thesis, biographies, social books, interpretations, economics, history and much more. Under the sovereign of Shree Narayanbhai Desai from 2007, the library has seen many changes. Scholars, researchers, students, teachers and faculty members are allowed to get a direct access to the large collection of books, databases, online as well as offline. They also maintain manuscripts, microfilms, slides, maps and charts.

Future Planning

  • Modernisation of the working of the library
  • Institutional repository
  • Innovation in the reading centre
  • Reading as well as referral centres for non-university people

Contact Address

Gujarat Vidyapeeth Nr. Income Tax Office, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380014


Phone: 079-40016203

E-mail:[email protected]

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Vidhyapith Library
Vidhyapith Library
Vidhyapith Library
Vidhyapith Library
Vidhyapith Library
Vidhyapith Library

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