Adventure In Gujarat

Gujarat has been actively encouraging tourists from all over the world to participate in adventure tourism. The state is particularly well equipped to provide tourists with a range of adventure attractions and the tourism department has set up several initiatives that are geared to international standards. Gujarat is particularly suited for this as the state has a varied topography ranging from beaches along the western boundary to soaring hills along the south and the east. Part of the state also has flat grasslands, a barren desert and plains that are perfect for a range of adventure sports.

The state also encourages local arts and crafts programs and it hosts more than 2000 local art festivals and programs for visitors from all over the world. Local festivals include events like the Mahotsav, Navratri or the Festival of Nine Nights, Sharadotsav, Rannotsav, etc. Apart from these major Hindu festivals, the state also has temple festivals, regional events and a range of other extraordinary events hosted all through the year. As tourists visit the state to enjoy the festivals, the state also hosts adventure sporting events during the same time. Gujarat has special events held on the beaches like canoeing, paragliding, water racings, etc. Apart from the beach activities, tourists can also enjoy rock climbing, hiking and camping, visiting the local sanctuaries and the local villages as well.

Known Places for Adventure in Gujarat

Although there are many places in the state for sports, we listed the top favorites to help you.


The Kutch area of Gujarat is one of the most popular areas in the state. Although it is sparsely populated, the area is home to a range of wonderful local animals that are only found here. The area is surrounded by sea on the Western and Southern side and there are salt deserts located on the other two areas. The area has a beautiful coral reef on the beach side and grasslands, swamps and rolling forests on the other side as well.

Camel Safari in Gujarat The Little Rann

The Little Raan of Kutch is also a great place for adventure sports. The area is filled with salt flats but it is home to the Asiatic wild ass and several more wild species.

Sasan Gir National Park

The Sasan Gir National Park is also located in the same region and about 700 kms to the south. This nature reserve has a huge forest that is populated with the unique Asiatic lion.

Some of the Common Adventure Sports in Gujarat


Surfing is possible on the powder sand beaches of Gujarat. The state has over 1500 sq meter of coastline and surfing is offered and taught on most of the developed beaches. The most popular beaches for surfing are Chorwad Beach and Dumas Beach.


Water Skiing is popular but it is possible only on the Ahmedpur Mandvi beach along with other sports like water scooters, deep sea diving, paragliding and snorkeling.

Water Scooter

Water scooter driving is also possible on the beautiful beaches of the country.


Trekking is popular in the grasslands and along the nature reserves but we do recommend that you check with the local authorities before booking trips.

Jeep Safari

The local zoos also have great jeep safaris all over the national parks to see local animals.

Before you travel, we do recommend that you check the local weather and book your accommodation before you travel.  Different regions will have regional sports that are encouraged and very easy to take part.


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Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat

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