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Rock Climbing In Gujarat

Rock climbing is one of the foremost in adventure sports. Gujarat offers the best scope for this adventure spore, to promote the youth to take to the outdoors. Places like Pavagadh, Junagadh, and Taranga offer the ideal venue to the amateur as well as the veteran rock climbers with climbs of different difficulty levels. What makes Gujarat the best place to rock climb is the array of options available for training, practice and infrastructure, which turn a potrntially dangerous misadventure into a great sporting experience.

It is thrilling because it is dangerous and it is this thrill, which makes this sport so addictive. Proper training eliminates this danger largely. There are people and institutes that impart training for rock training. While each one of them claims impeccable credentials, it is always safe to train with professionals and professional institutes that are registered and approved by the relevant authority.

National adventure foundation is one such institution that imparts training in rock climbing. NAF’s Gujarat chapter imparts training in artificial rock climbing which is very valuable to the beginners in this sport. They have this facility in their premises and trained instructors supervise the training of the rock climbers. Here also there are artificial rock faces of different difficulty levels. What is appealing here is that safety is emphasised and implemented in a safe and secure indoor environment. It is a good place to get the feel of a real outdoor and adrenalin sport and to build confidence. Graduating to the outdoor sport is then, just a natural progression. It is always better to be cautious, where the line dividing exhilaration and exhaustion does not exist.

Another institute that offers training in actual conditions is Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Mountaineering Centre. The training offered here is from the primary to the advanced level. The age groups trained are from 14 to 40 years, covering the entire spectrum of rock climbing and rock climbers. What makes it interesting is that both theory and practical training is on a rock face making it even more comprehensive.  

Best to Rock climb Here

The choice of rock climbing locations is varied in Gujarat, chief among which are:

Pavagadh Hill

The hill is situated in the southern Aravalli Range, Panchmahal district, Gujarat, western India, 800 metres (2,600 ft) above the neighbouring plains. The Dhadhar River, Vishwamitri River and Surya stream originate on the hill. The formation of this unique hill has thrown up some interesting sites suited to every aspect in rock climbing. Gujarat tourism runs regular rock climbing expeditions and the nature provides one of the best places to rock climb. The guidance and the material support make sure that you do not miss out on any face you want to surmount.


Junagadh is the mother of all rock climbing destinations with the Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Mountaineering Centre located here. The centre offers courses from the basic to the most advanced. The city is one of the major cities in in the state of Gujarat, located at the foot of the Girnar hills. The city is of historical value with prominent dynasties from the Mouryas to the Solankis making this place their base. The wind hewn Girnar hills provide for the rock climbing bases with various facets and formations. These actually form a test bed to climbers to test their mettle and hone their skills, making it best to rock climb here. Well stocked tackle room ensure your safety is not compromised in any way.

Taranga Hills

Taranga hills are located just 20 kilometres from Vadnagar in Mehsana, Gujarat, one of the important towns of Gujarat. This is a prominent Buddist and Jain destination, with a lot of monasteries nestling in the hills. The greenery and the hills form a very picturesque landscape with almost all peaks providing a challenge to young adventurers to climb and conquer them. The demand is for technique here. The result is improved skill set. The infrastructure at the camp is one of the best providing the climbers with tools and tackles that are required. Orientation and training are also a part of the sport, to give the climbers a heads up about the conditions.

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Rock Climbing In Gujarat
Rock Climbing In Gujarat
Rock Climbing In Gujarat
Rock Climbing In Gujarat
Rock Climbing In Gujarat
Rock Climbing In Gujarat

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