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Skiing In Gujarat

Water skiing is an exciting water spot where the person is pulled behind a boat with the help of a cable. Water skiing requires the person to have both lower and upper body strength. The sport also requires people to have a good balance. There are different types of skiing that you can try. One of the best places to enjoy water skiing in India is Gujarat.
The beaches of Gujarat offer a wide range of opportunities for tourists and locals to have fun. Every year thousands of tourists visit the beaches of Gujarat to enjoy the cool waters and the different water activities. The best beaches to enjoy water sports like skiing include Ahmedpur Mandvi beach, Somnath beach, Veravel beach Chorwad beach and the Beyt Dwaraka beach. Apart from skiing tourists can also enjoy surfing, parasailing and surfing.

The Gujarat tourism administration has taken lot of efforts in promoting water sports in the area and this has had a positive impact. The number of tourists to the area has increased also giving a boost to the economy of the state.

Best to Ski here

There are several beaches in Gujarat that are favourable for water skiing. Here are some of the best spots for tourists to enjoy water skiing.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Gujarat located in the historic town Maharao of Kachchh. The Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is among the most scenic beaches in India. The calm and azure waters surrounding the beach are good to enjoy a wide range of water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, surfing, etc.

Beyt Dwarka Beach

This beach is located in the religious town of Dwarka. Visitors can take a ferry to reach the beach located on an island off the coast of Dwarka. This scenic island is a popular place for enjoying different types of water sports including water and jet skiing.

Chorwad Beach

This is another scenic spot in Gujarat where you can also find a palace. There is a wonderful resort in the area. Chorwad beach is also a good base for visiting the cities of Porbandar and Somnath. The waters surrounding the beach are good for water skiing. But the area is not very well developed for skiing. Before venturing into the waters at the Chorwad Beach it is important to note that beach is rocky.

Veraval Beach

This beach is located close to Somnath and features a wonderful beachfront. The Veraval Beach also features a wonderful fort. There is also a jogging track lines along the beach. The waters are calm and good for swimming.

Gopnath Beach

This is also a beautiful beach which once served as home to the Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar. Visitors to the Gopnath Beach enjoy a wide range of activities such as jet or water skiing, surfing, parasailing, etc. Gopnath Beach is also good for bird watching.

Nagoa Beach

This beach is located on the island of Diu in Gujarat. The beach is perfect for enjoying jet and water skiing, swimming, surfing, wading, etc. The beach is surrounded with palm trees and spans across 2Km. A number of people enjoy a wonderful time on this crescent shaped beach.

Gujarat’s Maritime Board Program

The government of Gujarat has put in a lot of efforts to develop water sports in the state. The beaches in Gujarat are quite safe and very tourist friendly. Water sports have been given prime importance to attract tourists from across the world. The Mandvi Beach is among the best beaches in the state.

Famous Mandvi Beach Skiing

The Mandvi Beach is one of the most amazing beaches in not only Gujarat but in India. The water around the beach is clear and good for enjoy different water sports. This beach has been promoted by the Gujarat government. Apart from water activities, the tourists to the beach can enjoy relaxing in serene surroundings and also enjoy camel rides. The beach is 6Km in length and is the area is excellent for enjoying water and jet skiing.

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Skiing In Gujarat
Skiing In Gujarat
Skiing In Gujarat
Skiing In Gujarat
Skiing In Gujarat
Skiing In Gujarat

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