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Trekking In Gujarat

Trekking is a great pastime during spring and summer. However, for trekking enthusiasts, Gujarat is a must–see. This beautiful city has a few of the most wonderful natural settings that are ideal for hikers from all over the world. The state enjoys a wonderful mixed weather and a combined topography, which makes every kilometer a different experience. Hikers who have visited the beautiful city are quick to commend the beautiful forests, natural reserves and wonderful local flora and fauna.

If you are interested in visiting Gujarat, you should that the state offers a range of different attractions during different seasons.

Best to Trek Here

Saputara to Ahwa

For mountain climbers, rock climbing is possible on the precarious peaks of Pawagadh, Junagarh and Taranga.


The forest regions of Saputara, Ahwa, and Dhrangadra are great for camping and trekking.


For the more experienced trekkers, the forest reserves of Banni and the Abur-Poshina region are perfect.


The entire region has several different types of flora and fauna that are indigenous only to this region.

Gujarat Sports Department’s Coastal Trekking Program for Youths

The Gujarat Sports department’s Coastal trekking program is also ideal for youths from 15- 35 years of age. Although there are many programs in place, this is a government program that will have experts supervising the program and guiding hikers through the numerous state trails.

Famous Satpura Trekking

Although Gujarat has several great trekking regions, the weather can be fickle. It is recommended that beginner and expert trekkers prepare for the routes by reading up on the region and carrying the most up-to-date maps or GPRS equipment possible. Carry everything you need in the form of climbing or trekking equipment and make sure you are physically and mentally fit for the climb. We also recommend that you wear or carry comfortable clothing to prepare for the climb.

Popular Trekking areas in the State

Gujarat has several great routes that are open for tourists all through the year. We’ve listed a few of the top routes that you can try for this year.

The Ahwa to Saputara route is one of the most interesting routes open to hikers all through the year. The route crosses through several local villages like Kunbis, Bhils and many more. Hikers are welcome to interact with the villagers and the locals are very friendly. After passing through the Ahwa village, it is possible to continue hiking onwards to the Mahal Bardipada forests, which have more local villages along the routes. Take the time to check hiking trails in the Sahyadhris surrounding the local area.

The next most popular route is along the Rann of Kutch extending up to Dhrangadra. The route is particularly well-known for its wildlife and natural forests. The Jhinjhwada fort is located on the route as well. For a change, hikers can try the Banni grasslands that are beautifully maintained during the summer season. This areas is particularly famous for its arts and crafts and you can check with the local villages, the historic Polo Ruins and the Poshina-Abur region to see more attractions. There are thousands of other regions in the area like the Panchmahal natural reserve, the Ratanmahal sanctuary and other programs. The Satpura Trekking route is also very popular with locals and tourists. The region is a geological wonder and the serpent shaped hill has mild to severe climbing challenges that are really interesting.

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Trekking In Gujarat
Trekking In Gujarat
Trekking In Gujarat
Trekking In Gujarat
Trekking In Gujarat
Trekking In Gujarat

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